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Integrative Psychiatry Library

  • Quiz: Working With Other Physicians
    When a patient in chronic pain has been referred to a psychiatrist by their PCP, the psychiatrist should consider which of the following?
  • Alternative Medicine Therapies for ADHD
    Which  complementary/alternative medicine (CAM) therapies help alleviate symptoms of ADHD? Integrative psychiatry specialist, James Lake, MD, answers a reader’s question and discusses the latest research in this Clinical Q&A.
  • What’s New In: Initiatives in Integrative Mental Health
    The APA Caucus on Integrative Psychiatry ( was established in 2004 to represent psychiatrists practicing nonconventional therapies; to educate psychiatrists on safe, appropriate uses of nonconventional modalities; to facilitate complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)-related research; to liaise with allied mental health professionals and CAM practitioners; and to educate psychiatrists on ethical, legal, and regulatory issues that affect the practice of CAM/integrative mental health (IMH).
  • Psychodynamic Psychopharmacology
    During the past 2 decades, psychiatry has benefited from an increasingly evidence-based perspective and a proliferation of safer, more tolerable, and perhaps more effective treatments.