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Resident’s Corner Library

  • 2012 Physicians Compensation Survey: How Psychiatrists Are Faring
    How Are Psychiatrists Faring? These charts are culled from the annual Physicians Compensation Survey, which is conducted by the editorial staff of Physicians Practice—a sister publication of Psychiatric Times. This year, more than 1311 physicians of all specialties completed the survey . . . 287 of the respondents are psychiatrists. The charts you see here show how those 287 responded to just a few of the survey questions.
  • Social Media Tools for Mental Health Professionals (Video)
    Psychiatrists and other mental health professionals are turning to social media to help them build, manage, market, and diversify their practices. The challenge is in maintaining patient privacy and confidentiality. In Part 1 of this 2-part webcast, Dr David Ballard discusses the emergence of social media marketing by clinicians:
  • Balancing Your Professional and Personal Life (Video)
    Career fulfillment, free time, maximum revenue—a perfect triad for every clinician—but one too seldom realized. In fact, physician burnout is a very real—and common—phenomenon. In the first known national study on the topic, researchers found that nearly half of physicians experienced at least 1 symptom of burnout.1
  • Once a Psychiatrist, Always a Psychiatrist?
    When I retired from clinical work,, I knew I would continue being a psychiatrist in some way. Like writing blogs. Like presenting on eco-psychiatry. Like continuing to serve on boards and think tanks. Like having the world view of a psychiatrist, even though I always tried to avoid acting like one in everyday life.
  • Tomorrow’s Psychiatrists, Tomorrow’s Leaders
    It was Match Day, 1977. I had just earned a spot in a psychiatry residency and could not have been happier. So when a distinguished professor (from another specialty) approached me, I smiled and prepared to receive his congratulations. Instead, he frowned and told me “what a waste” it was for me to pursue psychiatry.
  • A “Real” Psychiatrist
    As the end of my intern year approached, one of my chief residents told me that second year is the year “you really become a psychiatrist.”
  • Patient Violence Against Health Care Professionals
    It is contrary to clinical experience that a patient would want to harm a physician or allied professional who is trying to help. Nonetheless, clinicians inevitably encounter disgruntled, angry, and deranged patients. The reasons for violence inflicted against clinicians are many and varied.
  • Are We Training Physicians to Be Shift Workers?
    During residency training, young doctors learn the requisite skills, knowledge, and values essential to the practice of medicine. We will all agree that to learn, the resident must have the desire and drive to master the essential knowledge and skills of his or her specialty.
  • The Lost Birds of Wounded Knee
    I remember as a child gathering wild greens with my Cherokee grandmothers, 2 generations of them, and hearing the lilt of spoken Cherokee.