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Archives for Comorbidity


Mechanisms to Target in the Treatment of Anxiety Disorders

Identifying which variables may be underlying patients’ problems is a crucial part of developing effective treatment plans. While traditional diagnosis-specific approaches prescribing different interventions for separate disorders may target specific mechanisms to reduce symptoms, many tend to overlook the fact that multiple mechanisms often...
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Children & Teens

Scoliosis and Body Image

There are many things that lead to a negative or distorted body image. One that I have found very little research on is the effect of deformities on body image. This can include countless medical conditions and complications caused by accidents such as burns,...
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Comorbid Movement and Psychiatric Disorders

Movement and psychiatric disorders are frequently comorbid. When they are, movement abnormalities and psychiatric symptoms often overlap and exacerbate one another. For example, in depressed patients with Parkinson disease (PD), bradykinesia and psychomotor slowing can present similarly and tremor and motor “freezing” can be...
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