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Archives for Couch in Crisis

Career Development

Burnout in Mental Health Professionals

As helping professionals, we are trusted with some of our clients’ deepest, darkest secrets. Each day, we are subjected to the heart-wrenching stories and the immensely difficult life situations of the individuals who come to us seeking change and relief. It is impossible for...
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Celebrating Death

A general is well advised To achieve nothing more than his orders: Not to take advantage of his victory. Nor to glory, boast or pride himself; To do what is dictated by necessity, Not by choice. For even the strongest force will weaken with...
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Who Can Forgive Jared Loughner?

Is it possible to “forgive” Jared Lee Loughner for what he is alleged to have done? Is it morally justifiable to do so? I was surprised to see these questions already circulating on the internet, even before the dead were laid to Aside...
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45,000 More Psychiatrists, Anyone?

Houston, we have a problem. There is a critical shortage of psychiatrists. And the problem is not in Houston alone– it includes the entire state of Texas, and every other state in the union (Mid-town Manhattan, Boston– Beacon Hill, and Sacramento Street in San Francisco...
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