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Archive for November, 2011

  • Are We Training Physicians to Be Shift Workers?
    During residency training, young doctors learn the requisite skills, knowledge, and values essential to the practice of medicine. We will all agree that to learn, the resident must have the desire and drive to master the essential knowledge and skills of his or her specialty.
  • On the Instability of Diagnoses Across Time
    When I was much younger, I started an inpatient adolescent service—a unit for boys and another for girls. It was one of the first such inpatient services in our part of the world and attracted a huge volume of referrals, a long waiting list for admission, and a consequent population of very disturbed adolescents.
  • Diabetes-Related Risk Factors and Cognitive Aging
    Researchers from more than 2 dozen large-scale epidemiological studies have reported a link between type 2 diabetes mellitus and cognitive impairment, cognitive decline, and dementia.
  • Case Vignette on PTSD: Young Veteran With Polytrauma
    A 29-year-old veteran came to the ED complaining of headaches and uncontrolled pain in his upper quadrant. He had been discharged from the military after he sustained a blast injury during duty as a Marine in Iraq. His right arm had been amputated.
  • Biomarkers for Mental Disorders: A Field Whose Time Has Come
    The development of laboratory biomarkers for major mental disorders started with Emil Kraepelin, regarded as the father of modern biomedical psychiatry.
  • The Hidden Lives of Children of Hoarders
    Until recently, most people believed that hoarders were eccentric people who died surrounded by a lifetime collection of stuff. Hoarding in families was cloistered in a vault of family secrets or passed off as an individual peculiarity.
  • Battered Woman Syndrome: Key Elements of a Diagnosis and Treatment Plan
    Women who are victims of intimate-partner violence have been identified by the mental health field for more than 30 years now.1-3 It is understood that domestic violence is part of gender violence, and that many more women than men are the victims of physical, sexual, and psychological abuse.4-6
  • Hypnosis and Medical Ethics in Germany
    When Leo Alexander, the psychiatrist who served as advisor at the Nuremberg doctors’ trial, helped draft the articles of the Nuremberg code, his attention was drawn to two earlier episodes in German medical history.
  • Psychodynamic Psychopharmacology
    During the past 2 decades, psychiatry has benefited from an increasingly evidence-based perspective and a proliferation of safer, more tolerable, and perhaps more effective treatments.