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Archive for January, 2012

  • Patient Violence Against Health Care Professionals
    It is contrary to clinical experience that a patient would want to harm a physician or allied professional who is trying to help. Nonetheless, clinicians inevitably encounter disgruntled, angry, and deranged patients. The reasons for violence inflicted against clinicians are many and varied.
  • Custody Disputes: The Role of the Child Psychiatrist
    Child psychiatrists may become involved in child custody disputes. When parents divorce and are unable to agree on custody of their children, they proceed to court to have a judge determine custody and visitation rights.
  • Psychodynamic-Oriented Group Therapy: A Pathway to Connection
    I am a passionate advocate for group therapy. In nearly 5 decades as a psychoanalytically trained psychiatrist, I have found it to be an extraordinarily effective treatment for addictive disorders. It is equally beneficial in treating persons with a range of other disorders and distresses.
  • Educating Patients About Bipolar Disorders
    Teaching patients is a central role for physicians, and it is especially important in chronic illnesses, such as bipolar disorder.
  • Clinical Update on Bipolar Disorder: Particle or Wave?
    In some circumstances, light is more easily understood as particle, a photon; in other settings, light behaves more like a wave. This dual nature of light has been understood as part of a broader “complementarity” of physical phenomena for decades.1
  • Assessment and Diagnosis of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
    Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a chronic and debilitating mental condition that develops in response to catastrophic life events, such as military combat, sexual assault, and natural disasters.
  • Psychodermatology: When the Mind and Skin Interact
    Psychodermatology is a relatively new discipline in psychosomatic medicine. It is the interaction between mind and skin. The two disciplines are interconnected at the embryonal level through ectoderm. There is a complex interplay between skin and the neuroendocrine and immune systems.