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Coping with Obsessive Thoughts

Obsessive, recurring thoughts usually indicate an anxiety condition. Realize that just having recurring or obsessive thoughts – or any thoughts for that matter – does not mean that you must act on them.  Nonetheless, they are annoying at best. Obsessive thoughts are embedded in...
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The Stages of Addiction

You don’t have to have every element of an addictive personality or be emotionally disturbed to become trapped by addictive behavior. All it takes to start an addiction is your brain’s memory, or imprint, of an experience with some activity or substance, which was...
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Carlat Addiction Treatment Report

Deconstructing Red Bull

Americans guzzled a mind-blowing billion energy drinks in 2013, with sales totaling $ billion (Miller A, Dairy Foods 2014;115(3):22). Red Bull, the brand that basically created the industry, commands a 39% market share, trailed closely by Monster. The market is now so large...
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Breaking out of the Drama Triangle

Using the Karpman Triangle (also known as the Drama Triangle) as my guide, I have summarized a process of “recovery” from manipulative relationship dynamics. In case you aren’t familiar with the Karpman Triangle, it represents the dynamics of unhealthy and manipulative relationships. Each corner...
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