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Having a Nervous Breakdown?

One minute everything seems fine. Then in a flood of intense emotion and erratic thoughts, it all changes. Life becomes a distorted kaleidoscope, with nothing familiar from before. Even speaking is difficult. It is impossible to explain what is happening because the event is...
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Coping Skills

Who are Machiavellians?

“Anyone compelled to choose will find far greater security in being feared than in being loved.” This famous quote from Prince Machiavelli is one of the guiding principles of Machiavellians. Machiavellianism is a personality construct and not a personality disorder like narcissism or anti-social...
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Healing from a Trauma Bond

“Powerful emotional attachments are seen to develop from two specific features of abusive relationships: one partner’s need for control and intermittent good-bad treatment.” If you find yourself stuck in an unhealthy relationship and do not know what to do, the following practical steps will...
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What is Trauma Bonding?

One thing often asked by those in the helping profession when confronted with a person in an unhealthy relationship is, “Why do you stay?”  This question has implications of weakness and failure on the part of the victim and usually causes shame.  Rather than asking...
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