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Archives for History of Psychiatry

Current News & Research

Psychiatry’s Solid Center

“Psychiatric disorders result from the complex interaction of physical, psychological and social factors and treatment may be directed toward any or all three of these #8221; –Official Position of the American Psychiatric Association, 1978 If you invite the wrong group of psychiatrists to a...
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Current News & Research

The War on Psychiatric Diagnosis

One of the first psychotic patients I treated during my residency was a middle-aged man who was burrowing through the wall of his room. Yes, I mean “burrowing,” as in using his bleeding hands, fists and finger nails to tear through the flimsy plaster and...
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Eating Disorders

The Sociocultural History of Eating Disorders

February 22–28 is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. Learn more at  Eating disorders are a major public health issue in the US. They are the deadliest of any mental illness. But their causes are hard to pin down. Eating disorders are complex psychosocialbiological illnesses...
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Strange New World: History, Hypnosis & Trance

The phenomenon we commonly term hypnosis actually refers back to the half-century old theories of animal magnetism and mesmerism. Scholars later adopted an altered-state view and described ancient healing rituals in Western and Eastern civilizations as forerunners of modern hypnosis. To understand hypnosis, it is essential to...
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