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Business Advice for Therapists

8 Ways to Protect Your License & Practice

Editor’s note: Dr. Ofer Zur runs a great online institute — named, appropriately enough, The Zur Institute — that offers 175 online courses for mental health professionals. This great article appeared in one of his recent newsletters. If you’re not subscribed to his newsletter,...
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What? A Lawyer Wants Therapy Records?

Many a psychologist has been confronted by the ever-present confusion that seems to take place when patient files are requested as part of a legal proceeding. This confusion frequently leads to a variety of questions that revolve around issues of whether these requests mandate...
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Career Development

Tips to Improve Your Productivity

Busy mental health professionals can often be time-challenged, between seeing patients, keeping up with billing demands, and trying to market their practice on social media. We are always complaining about how overwhelmed we are or how little time we have to complete an assignment....
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