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A Day In The Life Library

  • A Day In The Life: Meet Psychotherapist Jodie Gale, MA
    Jodie Gale  is a qualified therapeutic counsellor, life-coach and Master’s trained psychosynthesis psychotherapist who specializes in women’s emotional, psychological and spiritual health and well-being. Along with her husband, their two toddlers and two British Short Hair cats, Jodie lives on the Northern Beaches of Sydney in Australia.  She currently balances being a full-time stay at home mother with a part-time, evening and weekend, home office, private practice. Read on to find out how Jodie spends her day in private practice. A Day in the Life My busiest day is Saturday when my husband looks after our two toddlers.  Our home is open planned, so we are currently sound proofing and doing some building work to separate our home and my clinical space. In the meantime, my husband and kids travel 10 minutes down the road and check-in to Grandma’s for the day.
  • A Day In The Life: Meet Sex Therapist Regina Bright, LMHC
    [caption id="attachment_5236" align="alignleft" width="151"] Regina Bright, LMHC[/caption] Regina is the proprietor of Stepping Stones Professional Counseling, an outpatient private practice in Mary Esther, Florida that was established in 2009 where she provides individual, group, family, and couple’s counseling. Regina is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Board Certified Sex Therapist, Certified Family Mediator, Parent Coordinator, Clinical Supervisor, and holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. She resides in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, where she was born and raised, with her husband, 9 year old daughter, and three Labrador Retrievers: Roxy (Chocolate), Gator (Blonde) and Chomper (Black) one of each flavor. Read on to find out how Regina spends her time in private practice.
  • A Day In The Life: Meet Divorce Counselor Misty E. Vogel, MA
    [caption id="attachment_2300" align="alignright" width="240" caption="Misty Vogel, MA, NCC"][/caption] A ten year career in the mortgage banking industry not only prepared Misty Vogel, M.A., NCC for many of the business aspects of self-employment, but also for managing the intense emotions that come with major life transitions. Helping clients buy homes seems far from providing therapy, but the process of helping mortgage clients navigate intense emotions that surface during home purchasing has been added to Vogel's therapeutic skill set. Fresh out of graduate school, Vogel is just starting to build her practice in Denver and in Evergreen while she continues to work as an extern at Evergreen Psychotherapy Center, a practice specializing in treatment of attachment disordered children and families. In her private practice, Vogel combines her experience doing attachment work with her passion to help children and families navigate the difficulties of divorce and custody issues. Vogel's own parents divorced when she was 5 so she knows first-hand the impact divorce can have on the entire family. Peek into a day in the life of a therapist just beginning to build her private practice and see what it takes!
  • A Day In The Life: Meet Body-Centered Therapist Ashley Eder, LPC
    [caption id="attachment_1955" align="alignright" width="200"] Ashley Eder, LPC & Angel[/caption] Meet Ashley Eder, LPC and her therapy dog "Angel." While I know therapists who've brought their dog into the therapy office occasionally (it wasn't necessarily "therapeutic" for colleagues or clients), Ashley is the first therapist I've met who uses a therapy dog as a purposeful tool in clinical practice. It makes sense that certain clients would feel at ease and find contact with a dog to be calming during therapy sessions. In her Boulder, CO private practice, Ashley specializes in body-centered psychotherapy and mindfulness interventions to treat somatic complaints, such as body image, self-harm, chronic pain, abuse recovery, and eating disorders in young adults in their teens and twenties. In addition to her clinical practice Ashley provides counselor education, training, community building and supervises other counselors toward licensure. See how Ashley spends her day balancing family (she's a mom of one) and her clinical practice. A Day In The Life January 23, 2012 6:50AM Wake up to the sound of my 15 month old son chattering to himself in his bedroom. He is currently my alarm clock, and this is an excellent arrangement when he sleeps past 6AM. I listen to him babble and do a quick first check of email to see if there is anything I need to know heading into my day.
  • A Day In The Life: Meet Relationship Expert Dr. Meredith Hansen
    When I "met" Dr. Meredith Hansen on Facebook and Twitter recently I was struck by her cohesive online presence. Rarely have I come across such an impeccable private practice website and a therapist who has such clarity in her private practice message: "Helping individuals and couples find love, get love, and keep love." If you want to see an example of a powerful practice website and clear practice message visit Dr. Hansen projects a nice blend of accessibility and professionalism that make me feel confident referring clients to her practice.
  • A Day In The Life: Meet Expatriate Relocation Specialist Jill Kristal, Ph.D
    [caption id="" align="alignright" width="80" caption="Jill Kristal, PhD of Transitional Learning"][/caption] Have you ever known a psychologist who specializes in helping expatriates through relocation transitions? Me neither. Talk about an interesting niche! So, how does one develop this kind of specialization? While living in London, England Clinical Psychologist Jill Kristal, Ph.D. of Transitional Learning was instrumental in transforming the US Embassy internal counseling center into The American Counseling Center, a community based organization hiring American trained and licensed therapists to work with the expatriate community. Since returning to the US, Dr. Kristal has continued to work with expatriates, served as Special Education Consultant to School Choice International and established a private practice in Larchmont, NY. With over 20 years in private practice, Dr. Kristal has worked with with children of all ages, adults and couples. Peek into a day in Dr. Kristal's life.
  • A Day In The Life: Meet Professional Counselor Stephanie Adams
    [caption id="attachment_1633" align="alignright" width="184" caption="Stephanie Adams, MA LPC, Beginnings Counseling & Consulting"][/caption] I've never actually met Stephanie Adams, LPC  face to face, but I like her a lot. I've connected with her on Twitter, exchanged emails, and visited her website so I feel confident that I can say that she's a "go getter" and like me, Stephanie loves to reach out to clients and professionals through technology. She founded Beginnings Counseling & Consulting, a boutique E-Therapy practice based in College Station, TX, where she uses video conferencing, email, phone and real-time chat to meet with clients and coach beginning counselors. She's co-authoring a book "The Beginning Counselor’s Survival Guide" aimed at supporting new therapists in building their practice. A Day In The Life Thursday, November 17, 2011 6:15AM Wake up and make coffee. Spend time with my husband before he leaves for medical school. 8AM Check email and plan out the day.
  • A Day In The Life: Meet Anxiety Expert Marla W. Deibler, Psy.D.
    [caption id="attachment_1511" align="alignright" width="110" caption="Marla W. Deibler, Psy.D."][/caption] Peek into a work day in the life of private practitioner and licensed clinical psychologist Marla W. Deibler, Psy.D. Founder and Director of The Center for Emotional Health of Greater Philadelphia, LLC. Her outpatient behavioral health group practice specializes in the treatment of anxiety and obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders. She's also a wife and a mother of three children and has found a nice work/life balance working 2.5 days per week at her clinic, and spending time the rest of the time home with her children. Thanks to email, phone, and text, Dr. Deibler operates her business remotely "in spurt" during the days she's at her home. And apparently, she doesn't sleep much! Here's a day in the life of one of Dr. Deibler's "work" days:
  • A Day In The Life: Meet Online Counselor Terrie Browning, LPC
    What does it take to build and maintain a private mental health practice? Terrie Browning, LPC, DCC, CFC was among the first to respond to my request for therapists to track their activities for a day to shed light on what it takes to be in private practice. Friday, the day she uses  for last minute crisis appointments, online counseling appointments, website meetings, phone consults, and runs errands, was the day she chose to track her activities. Terrie provides in person, and online counseling, in addition to providing court testimony as part of her private practice, Alternative Therapies. Terrie is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Forensic Consultant, Distance Credentialed Counselor, and holds a Masters Degree in Science of Psychology, with specialization in Counseling Psychology. To learn more about Terrie's practice visit her website
  • A Day In The Life Of A Private Practice Therapist
    After reading my recent posts on multiple income streams for therapists, Psych Central Associate Editor and blogger, Margarita Tartakovsky asked me how I, and other therapists, juggle so many different aspects of private practice. I've been thinking about her question and thought it might be fun to start a series that peeks into "a day in the life" of therapists in private practice. I thought I'd start with me, and start with--today. Just to give you a little background...I'm a wife and a mother of 4 children ages 5 to 21. I've been in clinical practice for 16 years and I serve as director of  Wasatch Family Therapy, a private outpatient clinic that I founded in 2002. Recently, because my clinic has grown significantly, I've stopped taking new clients in order to spend more time leading, training, and pursuing other passions, like writing, media contributing, etc. You'll notice that my "day in the life" doesn't include seeing any clients. I am currently on a month-long sabbatical from clinical work, and from as much administrative work as possible, during the month of November to dedicate time and energy to finishing up my first book. After being approached by a publisher a few months ago I decided that it was an opportunity I didn't want to pass up, but it would require cutting back on a lot of other responsibilities in order to make the deadline. I will resume seeing clients, running staff meetings, and training therapists the first week in December.