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Archives for PTSD


Mechanisms to Target in the Treatment of Anxiety Disorders

Identifying which variables may be underlying patients’ problems is a crucial part of developing effective treatment plans. While traditional diagnosis-specific approaches prescribing different interventions for separate disorders may target specific mechanisms to reduce symptoms, many tend to overlook the fact that multiple mechanisms often...
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Mechanisms to Target in the Treatment of Depression and Mood Disorders

Empirically supported treatments have been the gold standard of mental health practice for decades, but people typically don’t fit neatly within the diagnostic categories upon which such protocols are based and tested. Moreover, the prevalence of comorbidity and redundancy of symptoms across disorders necessitates...
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Does Therapeutic Storytelling Really Facilitate Healing?

The evolution of an evidence-based approach to mental health treatment has evolved as an attempt to help mental health practitioners provide quality and comprehensive care for their patients. However, as this approach becomes increasingly more prevalent among providers, the patients’ own personal anecdotes are...
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The Genetic Footprint

Clinical practice within the profession of psychology has been in the news of late as the debate on the efficacy of drug-based treatment vs. psychotherapy becomes more heated. Recent reports on the problems with drug research, the lack of information given to clients on...
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