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What? A Lawyer Wants Therapy Records?

Many a psychologist has been confronted by the ever-present confusion that seems to take place when patient files are requested as part of a legal proceeding. This confusion frequently leads to a variety of questions that revolve around issues of whether these requests mandate...
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Using the Life Wheel to Teach Self-Advocacy

This is the second article from on teaching clients self-advocacy. The first, Self-Advocacy Supports Long-Term Recovery can be seen here. Different systems with different types of professionals have historically differed on their approaches. Critics have seen social workers and mental health counselors as...
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The War on Psychiatric Diagnosis

One of the first psychotic patients I treated during my residency was a middle-aged man who was burrowing through the wall of his room. Yes, I mean “burrowing,” as in using his bleeding hands, fists and finger nails to tear through the flimsy plaster and...
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