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Carlat Addiction Treatment Report

Deconstructing Red Bull

Americans guzzled a mind-blowing billion energy drinks in 2013, with sales totaling $ billion (Miller A, Dairy Foods 2014;115(3):22). Red Bull, the brand that basically created the industry, commands a 39% market share, trailed closely by Monster. The market is now so large...
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Current News & Research

Psychiatry’s Solid Center

“Psychiatric disorders result from the complex interaction of physical, psychological and social factors and treatment may be directed toward any or all three of these #8221; –Official Position of the American Psychiatric Association, 1978 If you invite the wrong group of psychiatrists to a...
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Research Updates in Psychiatry: Pregnancy

New Study Supports Cardiac Safety of SSRIs in Pregnancy Concerns about the safety of psychiatric medications during pregnancy are common among psychiatrists and patients alike. In many cases, one must weigh the risks of a medication to mother or child against the risks inherent in untreated mental illness. Recent research, however, lends...
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Carlat Psychiatry Report

Overview of the FDA Drug Approval Process

Dr. Spielmans has disclosed that he has no relevant financial or other interests in any commercial companies pertaining to this educational activity. After a psychiatric drug is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a marketing juggernaut often follows, trying to convince us that the newly approved drug offers substantial benefits...
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Carlat Psychiatry Report

How to Read a Research Article

Dr. Sonkiss has disclosed that he has no relevant relationships or financial interests in any commercial company pertaining to this educational activity. As a physician, you’re expected to practice evidence-based medicine. But how can anyone keep up with the latest research? While there are lots of secondary sources of information (including The...
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Carlat Psychiatry Report

Investigating Bias in Research

Dr. Twersky-Kengmana has disclosed that she has no relevant relationships or financial interests in any commercial company pertaining to this educational activity. Unbiased medical research is essential to the process of informed clinical decision-making. Unfortunately, some degree of research bias is unavoidable, so the...
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