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Risk Factors for PTSD in Military Personnel

Most clinical discussions involving posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and military personnel revolve around treatment and prognosis. One area that doesn’t garner as much discussion is what puts some service members at greater risk for developing the disorder. This emphasis is likely because of the...
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What? A Lawyer Wants Therapy Records?

Many a psychologist has been confronted by the ever-present confusion that seems to take place when patient files are requested as part of a legal proceeding. This confusion frequently leads to a variety of questions that revolve around issues of whether these requests mandate...
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Medicine’s M-Bomb: Malingering

Diagnosing someone as a “malingerer” is about as close to dropping a verbal “bomb” as you can get in the realm of medical diagnosis. Basically, you are calling the patient a liar — there is no kinder way of putting it. The dangers, of...
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