Parenting Education: How to Help Your Children After Trauma

Some basics for managing trauma in your child: In some ways, helping children recover from traumatic experiences, can be simple. In other ways, the healing process can seem endless and grueling. In order to make this process doable, let’s discuss some basic concepts you can incorporate from the get go. Physical contact – Be affectionate with...


The end….

Though I've only blogged here for three months, it is with a heavy heart that I inform you Psych Central is undergoing major changes and will not be publishing new material for...


Recovery Plan for Healing from Toxic Relationships

Breaking free from toxic relationships can be challenging. Once the veil is removed from your eyes and you are no longer in denial, you need to figure out how to heal. It helps to have a recovery plan.  This plan offers practical steps for breaking free from the entanglement of an unhealthy relationship and moving...


10 Indications a Relationship is Going Sour

Hindsight is 20/20 vision when it comes to the fall of a relationship. What was once overlooked, minimized, explained away, or discounted now becomes an obvious sign of a deteriorating relationship. At first, they seemed so charming, helpful, generous, innocent, and gentle but then things turned, and an entirely different picture became apparent. Charming converted...


7 Steps to Emerging from the Abuse Fog

It finally hit. After years of wondering what was wrong, who was crazy, and how this could have happened, the reality of abusive behavior hits like a ton of bricks. The insight is simultaneously overwhelming, shocking, frustrating, disgusting, and demeaning. But there it is the answer that was longed for but may never have been...

New Therapists

What Remains of Psychoanalysis: The Defenses

Freud is not dead (nor should we forget any of the old masters). Just as contemplation of Renaissance painters continues to arouse inspiration in modern artists, this foundational figure of organized psychological science deserve reflection.


Long Term Results of Parental Alienation to the Alienated Child

(Source: Dr. Lori Love, Custody Evaluations 101: Allegations and Sensitivities) What are the long-term effects of parental alienation on the child who has been alienated? The results are devastating for the alienated child and can last a lifetime. Not only does the child miss out on a lifetime of having an enjoyable and fulfilling relationship with the...