2016 Subpoenas and Bias!

Slicing and Dicing

Now some of you might be thinking, who is this lady? Well folks, I am a therapist turned expert witness. I give my opinion, a lot. And with that I accept the “slicing and dicing” that an attorney might try on me when I am on the stand.

I wish them luck. They are going to need it. I wholeheartedly believe that therapists must protect themselves and their work!

It matters too much to let some attorney take you apart on the stand. Fight back, take the time to review your clinician packet and make sure you have a court policy in it. Be careful if you write a court related letter. Stay away from opinions, like the plague. If you get subpoenaed, you must be prepared!

I started because my friends and colleagues would call me the night before court and need coaching and prep, the night before and in a panic. Hello stress and anxiety, nice to meet you.

The night before does not cut it when we are talking about your practice! Be smart, start BEFORE you get the subpoena!

I would not have spent hours and hours developing an online class and a workbook on court prep for therapists if this was something that therapists were already doing, and my kids were tired of my late night coaching phone calls and they both can now define testimony, bias and alliance.

Trust me, they make compelling arguments as to why they should not have to go to bed and can “formulate their testimony.”

So, let’s make 2016 amazing and not procrastinate. Get it done! If a subpoena shows up you will not panic, you will not freak out, you will be prepared!

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2016 Subpoenas and Bias!

Nicol Stolar-Peterson, LCSW, BCD


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