5 Ways to Get More Done Without Losing Your Mind

You probably know you should be blogging more. You should reach out to referral sources to grow your private practice. You should learn how to create sales funnels, keep track of finances, and add clinicians to your practice. 

But you also want to kayak, spend time with your kids and enjoy your weekend. 

How do you get more done without losing your mind?

Give Yourself a Time Limit

We’ve heard that breaks are a good idea, but why? Over time, our vigilance (how well we pay attention) goes down. This is called “vigilance decrement.” When you break up your time, it allows your brain to reset and refocus. 

Further, tasks often fill the time they are allotted. If you give yourself two days to write a blog post, you’ll probably refine and tune it, then over edit it. Instead, if you gave yourself 30 minutes, you’d create a MVP, “minimum viable product.” 

Create a MVP

What is the minimum that you could do to take a step forward on your big project? Is it ordering QuickBooks, signing up for LeadPages, or just get one more blog post done? When you take a bunch of steps forward, even if they are not perfect, you’ll start to gain traction. 

Sleep More

Last nigh,t I got 10 hours of sleep. It was interrupted, because my youngest still wakes for feedings and diaper changes, but, I was in bed from 10:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m. I don’t do this every night, but I almost always get eight to nine hours of sleep. 

At night, our brains sort through all of the important and unimportant data from the day. By getting enough depth and length of sleep, it allows our brain to be at its most productive during the day. 

Why Do We Sleep?

Find Micro-Moments

I realized how often I wasted time on my phone when I recently started reading a book for fun. It sucked me in. Whether I was waiting for my kids or drinking coffee, I picked up the book instead of my phone. 

I finished the book over a couple Saturdays and through micro-moments. We all have those five to 10 minutes where we are stuck somewhere. Imagine that daily you have three times where you have five minutes. Over a week that is 1.75 hours, over a year that is 91 hours, more than two weeks of extra work! 

What to do in those micro-moments:

  • Determine whether your time on your phone will lead to an income increase. For example, responding to a new client email probably will, giving “likes” on Facebook probably won’t.
  • Create a “To Do” list for the day, so that when you are at the office, you are at your most productive.
  • Brainstorm blog posts around a theme that could be chapters in an e-book.

Relax and Rejuvenate 

I run a supervision group once per month. We meet for four hours at a time. By the end of the night, everyone is spent. I keep it lively and we change it up a lot, but either way, it’s still four hours. After our last supervision, I looked at my calendar for the next day and saw I had a presentation at a local school the next afternoon. 

My morning was completely filled. 

Usually, I block off time the day before a presentation, but past-Joe did not plan ahead for future-Joe. I was really stressed when I got home at 9:00 pm. Instead of working on it. I sat down and talked with my wife and drank a glass of wine with her. 

The next morning, I got up early and sketched out the entire presentation in 10 minutes while I ate breakfast. My mind was ready to work again. 

As you seek to make progress on your private practice, remember that you need sleep and to rejuvenate. Also, there are micro-moments all around you. If you plan ahead, you can use them to add an additional two weeks of productivity. Lastly, limit yourself in time and depth to create the minimum viable product. 

As private practice owners and business-people, we’re often high achievers. We don’t need to create blog posts or marketing plans that are perfect, we just need to create them! 


5 Ways to Get More Done Without Losing Your Mind

Joseph R. Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC

Joseph Sanok

Joseph R. Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC teaches consultants how to become better consultants through his website Joe also helps counselors with growing private practices through his website He also loves sailing and playing with his two daughters.


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