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How to Create a Powerful Master Mind Group to Grow Your Practice

Over the past few weeks, we've been taking a deep dive of discovery into the idea that your relationships play a pivotal role in your private practice success.

We started by taking a hard look at the nature of your current professional relationships.

You then took this quiz to get an honest assessment of the way YOU may be contributing to stagnating relationships.

And then we explored the how behind creating powerful professional relationships.

This week, we're going to talk about how you can harness...

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Quiz: Do you Seek Professional Comfort over Professional Growth?

A few weeks ago, I posed a question: Are your therapists buddies bringing you down?

To my surprise, a lot of you heralded this post as a beacon of truth, shared it, left positive comments. In truth, I was baffled. I thought I'd be pursued with pitchforks, attacked with mid-90's covers by No Mercy.

But it didn't happen.

It seems a lot of us therapists are on board with the idea of surrounding ourselves with the types of people who can up our private practice game -...


Is Professional “Support” Sabotaging Your Private Practice?

Last week, I wrote a slightly controversial article called "Are Your Therapist Buddies Bringing You Down?"

Okay, in truth, it wasn't that controversial because - to my surprise - a lot of you agreed whole heartedly with its sentiment. And yet, so many of us spend the majority of our time with people who validate our pre-existing views and opinions as opposed to hanging out with folks who challenge us to think outside our own narrow boxes.

But let me bring my pointy finger around...

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Are Your Therapist Buddies Bringing You Down?


Grab a pen.

Make a list of the five people you talk to the most.

Go ahead, I'll wait.

Done? Excellent!

In a 2007 study, some scientists discovered that obesity spreads. Investigators found that when our closes friends become obese, we have a 57% chance of following in their footsteps.

Holy Smokes.

(Before you get up in arms, take a breath. This article isn't about fat-shaming or ridiculously impossible body standards or what you should or shouldn't look like. Read on.)

This study revealed just how powerful our social circles are. If you want...

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Prepare Yourself for The Best 2017 Your Practice Has Ever Seen: Week Four

Over the past four weeks, you and I have traveled back in time to take good, hard look at the state of your private practice in 2016.

And boy, howdy! What a ride that has been.

In week one, you had a chance to review your finances and take an honest assessment of how much your 2016 Bling Dreams lined up with the reality of your 2016 income.

In the second week,you took stock of your schedule and answered the tough questions about whether your the way you...

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Prepare Yourself for The Best 2017 Your Practice Has Ever Seen: Week Two

In last week's article, I invited you to take a solid look at your business practices for 2016. The point? By taking a close tally of what specific actions led you closer to your private practice vision and which did not, you can make big impact decisions that will allow you to have a dazzling 2017. If you didn't check that one out, I encourage you to go back and do that now.

In that article, I invited you to answer a series of...