Over the past four weeks, you and I have traveled back in time to take good, hard look at the state of your private practice in 2016.

And boy, howdy! What a ride that has been.

In week one, you had a chance to review your finances and take an honest assessment of how much your 2016 Bling Dreams lined up with the reality of your 2016 income.

In the second week,you took stock of your schedule and answered the tough questions about whether your the way you structure your time in private practice is based on what you want or based on fear about not having enough.

Finally, in week three, you whipped out your practice policies to see if your financial and scheduling goals were actually built into your policies or whether you were secretly sabotaging your chances of success.

Kudos to you!

Most of us are happy to talk at length about the things we’re proud of, but it’s much harder to talk openly about the goals we don’t reach, the raisins in the sun – all wrinkled and shit. But, your willingness to be open about the hard stuff, despite shame and disappointment, is the difference between success and failure. The mere act of reviewing your wins and losses over the past year is something that most certainly warrants a pat on the back.

So now what do we do?!

I’m going to share a little secret with you. Lean in. Closer….closer. Okay – woah. Totally close enough. The secret is this: the only way to attain your goal for 2017 is to do this process of honest review, every single week. And – if you really want to make it happen, grab an equally (or more) motivated buddy!

Then, do the following.

Recipe for Weekly Strategy Sessions:

The “secret” to consistent growth in your private practice.


  1. Choose a 30-minute chunk of time each week that will not change.
  2. During that time write out the concrete & measurable steps you will take that day that will bring you to your 2018 goals.
  3. Write out your “wins” – those tasks you successfully completed that you set out to do the week before.
  4. Write out your “Fails” – those tasks you didn’t successfully complete + what got in your way!
  5. Write out the experiments you will try in the coming week that will allow you to achieve with more precision than you did the week before.

You’ve already done the work to determine what worked and what didn’t over the course of the entirety of 2017. By doing so, you came to learn a lot about what you’d like to do differently. This exercise allows you to do that – not after you’ve spent an entire year mired in confusion and ennui – but every single week. This goes a long way to cut down on the regret and disappointment that often comes with an annual review.

If you do this, you literally cannot fail in terms of building a thriving private practice that helps you achieve your yearly goal. This is a practice that will allow you to understand your self better, and thereby create systems that allow you to move forward consistently in ways that work with your unique quirks.

photo credits: Ion Chiosea ,T. Al Nakib