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with Heather Gilmore, MSW, LLMSW, BCBA

Lawfulness of Behavior (FK-01): Simplify Family Life by Believing that Behavior is Lawful

A lot of people can relate to the idea of wanting life to be simpler and more easily manageable. This is especially true for parents. When life gets overwhelming or hectic, we can especially benefit from approaching life through a lens that helps us to make sense of what is happening to us and around us and then to be able to identify ways to simply things.

When we look at things with the perspective that there is always a reason for a behavior or for why something happens, we are assuming that behavior is lawful, that it doesn’t happen by accident.

In parenting, especially when you want to help your child and your family live a simpler, healthier, and happier life, looking at human behavior from a deterministic philosophy can be helpful. By believing that behavior is determined by something, that it has a reason, that it is lawful, you can maintain hope that you can improve your child’s behavior and your overall family life or even your own behavior.

When looking to simplify life and improve the health and well being of your child and your family and yourself, consider that all behavior, or everything that people do, happens for a reason. By this, I mean that it is caused by something that is observable or measurable in some way, not necessarily that there is some bigger, abstract purpose for the behavior.

Typically the perspective of seeing behavior as being lawful encourages you to believe that behavior is caused by something in the environment.

Behavior can be predictable. By learning how to see behavior as having a cause, that it can be influenced or changed, and that it can be predictable, you are able to take action on looking at your situation with more simplicity.

You can learn to identify the explanations for what happens, for how your child behaves for instance. You can also learn to find the simplest solutions to how to improve your family life.

If you looked at a person’s behavior, such as your child’s behavior, as just being random or happening for no real reason, it is much more difficult to help them improve their behavior and help to improve the well being of your family.

Believing that behavior is lawful, that behavior is predictable and occurs for an objective reason, can help you to improve your family life and live a simpler life….as long as you’re willing to take action on what you learn about the cause and nature of the behavior you are looking into.

Lawfulness of Behavior (FK-01): Simplify Family Life by Believing that Behavior is Lawful

Heather Gilmore, MSW, BCBA

Heather is a freelance writer, Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), and social worker. Heather takes interest in topics related to parenting, children, families, personal development, health and wellness, applied behavior analysis, as well as Autism, ADHD, Depression and Anxiety. Contact Heather if you would like to inquire about obtaining her freelance writing services. You can view more articles and resources from Heather at and email her at [email protected] You can also advertise your autism services at one of Heather's websites: Heather is the developer of the "One-Year ABA Parent Training Curriculum."


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