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with Heather Gilmore, MSW, LLMSW, BCBA

BRIEF REVIEW: Effectiveness of Technology-Based Antecedent Training Report

Technology-Based Antecedent Training

A review was completed to explore research on technology-based antecedent training procedures.

The authors provide an overview of recent research on the topic of training procedures intended to improve staff skills in implementation of applied behavior analysis.

Examples of Technology-Based Antecedent Training

Examples of technology-based antecedent training procedures include staff watching video models of skills or completing interactive training materials on a computer.

Typically, as the authors state, the technology-based training procedures staff often complete are antecedent-only tools.

Purpose of Review

The authors aim to review the procedural integrity, procedural components, and recommend future research areas as related to technology-based antecedent training procedures.

In the review, research was explored related to (1) video modeling and (2) computer-based training.

Conclusion of Review

The authors concluded that these types of antecedent strategies for training staff resulted in staff mastering the material in 44% of the studies they assessed. When they analyzed individuals across studies, 66% of them mastered the material after completing the antecedent training.

Those participants who did not reach mastery level after the antecedent-training via technology, required some form of coaching.

Take-Away Message

Technology-based antecedent training procedures can result in helping many people to master new knowledge and skills. However, some people, may also require more personalized training, specifically coaching, to reach an ideal mastery level.

See the reference below for more information on the authors review.


Erath & DiGennaro Reed (2020). A brief review of technology‚Äźbased antecedent training procedures. Jnl of Applied Behav Analysis, 53: 1162-1169. doi:10.1002/jaba.633

BRIEF REVIEW: Effectiveness of Technology-Based Antecedent Training Report

Heather Gilmore, MSW, BCBA

Heather is a freelance writer, Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), and social worker. Heather takes interest in topics related to parenting, children, families, personal development, health and wellness, applied behavior analysis, as well as Autism, ADHD, Depression and Anxiety. Contact Heather if you would like to inquire about obtaining her freelance writing services. You can view more articles and resources from Heather at and email her at [email protected] You can also advertise your autism services at one of Heather's websites: Heather is the developer of the "One-Year ABA Parent Training Curriculum."


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