The Exhausted Woman
with Christine Hammond, MS, LMHC


6 Characteristics of a Histrionic PD in a Work Environment

It’s hard to miss the drama in a conservative work environment where things are relatively calm. Granted there are pressures and tensions at the office, but nothing compares to the constant barrage of theatrics. One person seems to stand out in suggestive appearance, inappropriate behavior, and a need to be the center of attention.

In modern culture, these people are frequently called drama queens. But in psychology, they are labeled with a Histrionic Personality Disorder. A...


Are You Living with a Paranoid Spouse?

Looking back over their 15-year marriage, Andrew began to see his wife was exhibiting the early signs of paranoia even in memories even from not long after they met. She had always been overly fearful of new environments, vocalized beliefs her boss was secretly out to get her, and constantly worried that he wasn’t being loyal to her. But he had loved her anyway, taken no issue with some of these odder qualities, and thought...


The Gift of Borderline Personality Disorder

A diagnosis for any type of Personality Disorder or mental health issue doesn’t have to be a negative diagnosis. Often times such conditions are portrayed as only dangerous or detrimental to someone’s well-being, and while that may be part of the truth, it isn’t necessarily the whole truth. The very thing that makes a person unique, special, or individual might just fit within one of the diagnostic codes part of a PD or other mental...


How to Parent a Child Displaying Borderline Behaviors

After breezing through several counselors, frequent problems at school, repeated difficulties maintaining relationships, exaggerated rages over small issues, irrational behavior, and now even a suicide attempt, Megan realized that there may be something more serious than she originally assumed threatening the health of her 15-year-old daughter. Finally, after consulting a therapist who specializes in personality disorders, she learned that this behavior could be an early indicator of Borderline Personality Disorder.

Because an official diagnosis cannot be...


Why Adults Act Like Children

“This is ridiculous,” James said to himself after witnessing his soon-to-be ex-wife losing it because she didn’t get her way. To him, she sounded like a 2-year-old who didn’t get a piece of candy – and was even sharing the same level of irrational reasoning one would expect from a toddler. Her arms flung all over the place, her voice was a higher pitch than usual, and she had gone as far as to throw...


How Loneliness Manifests in Personality Disorders

John regularly told his wife, Jane, “I feel all alone in this world (within our family, at my job, or in our neighborhood).” At the beginning of their marriage, Jane genuinely believed that she could fill that void in his life and frequently went to great lengths to demonstrate that John was not as alone as he felt. However, any relief he experienced was temporary at best and in most cases, Jane’s efforts were never...


10 Traits That May Indicate a Personality Disorder

Throughout their lifetime, everyone is likely to encounter several people within their family, relationships, friendships, and work environments who have a Personality Disorder (PD).

As a general rule, people with personality disorders can be difficult to get along or maintain a healthy relationship with. They can be argumentative, stubborn, and frustrating if there is a lack of understanding about what a PD really means or how it manifests itself in an individual. A person with a...


What Is a Personality Disorder?

Eventually, as is the case in everyone’s life, whether it be a family member, co-worker, neighbor, or friend, you will come across a person with a personality disorder (PD). Although it can usually be hard to discern if a person has a PD at the beginning of the relationship, its presence will soon come to light. Having an accurate understanding of both what a personality disorder is and where it may be coming from is...


Obsessive vs. Addictive Behavior

Helping your clients discern between an obsession and an addition can be quite a challenge. To an untrained eye, the two appear almost exactly the same, meaning a client may believe their behavior is obsessive when in reality it is actually addictive. The distinction between the two is very important, however, because it will determine what type of treatment will be necessary moving forward.

While an obsession and addiction can look the same, as mentioned before, the...


20 Indications of an Addict

Angel came into counseling knowing that something was wrong, but not knowing what it was. After being married to his wife for seven years he noticed she had become more secretive and distant. Money from their savings account was missing and unaccounted for, his wife would disappear frustrated and return weirdly happy, and she seemed to get angry very easily over insignificant matters.

At first, he thought she was having an affair. But after digging through...