The Exhausted Woman
with Christine Hammond, MS, LMHC


How to Improve Your Relationships During Lock-down

Ralph was puzzled. While he struggled with social connection his whole life, he was making a conscious effort to be different now that the whole family was in lock-down due to Coronavirus. Yet, the harder he tried to connect with his family, the worse things got. The more he tried to “be real” by openly sharing his thoughts and feelings the more distant others became. His attempt at sharing his thoughts about how to improve...


101 Things to Do During a Lock-down

Are you running out of things to do while staying safe at home? Here are some suggestions to keep mentally healthy.

Reread a favorite book.
Sleep more.
Start a new diet.
Do a cleanse.
Count the amount of water you drink.
Take your vitamins.
Start a new morning routine.
Start a new bedtime routine.
Do a puzzle.
Pull weeds.
Do some yard work.
Clean your garage out.
Clean out your junk drawer.


Dealing with Difficult Family During Lock-down

Kim wished she could live on an island away from the constant badgering of difficult people in her life. Her grandmother would call her daily to disseminate the latest gossip on her family. Her brother was constantly comparing her success to his even though they did not share the same profession. Her boss was an overbearing bully who expected more and more. Her husband was demanding, controlling, and frustrating. And that was life before the lock-down. Now,...


15 Ways to Conquer Coronavirus Anxiety

The outbreak and subsequent isolation that Amanda experienced from the Coronavirus was devastating. She was stressed out to the max without her usual coping mechanism of spending time with friends. Her job ended abruptly with no promise of resuming anytime soon, her car loan was due, her rent was due, and her family lived in another state. She felt discouraged, alone, overwhelmed, and highly anxious.

Even though HR told her she still had a place in...


Are You Trapped with a Narcissist?

Shortly after their marriage, Jack became aware of the narcissism in his wife. At first, he thought it was immaturity but after their child was born, things escalated. Unable to fully attach onto their child, she became more demanding and self-absorbed. There were times when life seemed to be a series of competition over who would get more of Jack’s attention, his wife or his child.

When Jack paid attention to their child, his wife would...


Do You Have Secondary Traumatic Stress from the Coronavirus?

Everyone is suffering from Secondary Traumatic Stress (STS) with all of the continuous news reports, cancelation of schools, events, and employment, personal experiences from the quarantined, FB updates from family and friends in quarantined countries, and inability to get cleaning supplies or toilet paper.

While the threat of the virus is real, the anxiety that it has created is excessive. There is an undercurrent of stress, anxiety, frustration, shock, horror, helplessness, and disbelief of what has...


6 Ways a ‘Silent Treatment’ Is Abusive

Matt knew he messed up but he wasn’t sure how. His wife’s complete silence towards him over the last few days was a signal that he made some sort of mistake. The problem was, according to his wife, Matt made daily errors in judgment, so he was completely in the dark.

Did he drink too much at his wife’s office party and say something embarrassing? Or perhaps she is upset over the new pile on the...


What is Gaslighting?

A man obsessed with stealing valuable jewels murders one woman and attempts to drive the other one (his wife) crazy. His single-mindedness, driven by selfish motives, caused him to deceive and manipulate in order to obtain what he wanted regardless of the cost to others. Bit by bit, he torments his wife until she believes that she is losing her mind. She believes that she is going crazy. Fortunately, he is discovered just before he...


17 Deceptive Excuses for Abusive Behavior

Having grown up in an abusive family and now in a relationship with an abusive wife, Bradon believed the excuses constantly dished out to him by his abusive mother and wife. Beaten down, confused, hazy, and exhausted, he sought out help from a therapist. At first, he could not comprehend that he was the victim of abuse. He believed the lies that he was to blame. He thought abuse was only physical. But then Brandon...


9 Ways to Improve Emotional Health

It doesn’t take much for Peter to have an emotional reaction. Most of the time, his family believed that he was overreacting. Commercials would make him cry, he would become angry over burnt toast, road rage was common, and panic attacks looked like heart attacks. After extensive physical examinations, his physician suggested that the problem might be psychological.

By contrast, Margaret wasn’t having any emotional reactions. Nothing seemed to phase her to the point that she...