The Exhausted Woman
with Christine Hammond, MS, LMHC


7 Unintentional Consequences from Keeping the Peace

At 45 years old, Brian did not know who he was or what he wanted. From the outside looking in, he seemed to have it all: money, family, career, and friends. But in reality, life was very different. He managed to have a successful career at a job he did not like. His 20-year abusive marriage was devoid of any pleasure or intimacy. His kids followed their mother’s lead and routinely took advantage of him....


Yes, Men Can Be Abused By Women

Matt was ashamed and embarrassed. For years, he tolerated physical, mental, and verbal abuse from his wife, yet he told no one. Knowing he would not strike back at her, she hit him, twisted the truth, threw things at him, called him every name in the book, physically blocked him from leaving the room, and followed him with yelling insults. Sex was used as manipulation, if at all. When William did what she wanted, he...


Dangerous Attractions in Relationships

Every wonder what causes an immediate attraction and that eventually turns dangerous? How is it that two people who seemed to have such a strong initial connection, now seem to be doing more harm than good to each other.

Sam finally discovered that she kept dating the same type of abusive person over and over. Ben accidentally called his new girlfriend his estranged mother's name in the middle of an argument. Garrett who was shy his...


Is It Possible to Fix Narcissism?

Stacey was frustrated by her adult 35-year-old son with two failed marriages (everything was the ex’s fault), five career changes (his bosses hated him and wanted to get rid of him), a couple of DUIs, and now living back at home. No matter what happened, other people were to blame for his relationship and career failures. Stacey was sympathetic but exhausted from the constant drama in her son’s life.

As part of the agreement for her...


12 Tips for Living with Someone Diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder

As a teenager, Melanie made a suicide attempt and was diagnosed as having bipolar disorder during her psychiatric inpatient stay. She was told the several different medications would help curb her tendencies towards high-risk behaviors, self-harming behaviors, and suicidality. It did not. Rather, the medications made her more angry and anxious, so she stopped taking them altogether much to the frustration of her parents.

In her twenties, she would go for months and even as long...


7 Quick Ways to Rejuvenate

Stephanie’s small business was finally turning a profit. After years of investing long hours from her family and resources she didn’t always have, she began to see the benefit of her hard work. Even though her husband and kids were supportive of the business, the normal demands of an active family life exhausted her. She felt depleted, exhausted, and overwhelmed.

Normally, Stephanie would work 10 hours a day at her job, run errands for her kids...


9 Examples of Abusive Sleep-Deprivation

Ralph woke up in the middle of the night to his wife putting a pillow on his head. He was laying on his back and she placed her pillow evenly on top of his head while her body straddled his. Instead of moving, he lay there silently wondering how long she would keep the pillow there. As his breathing became more labored and she apparently didn’t seem to be moving, he moved suddenly upward, startling...


40 Signs of a Sleep Disorder

Mark thought he had attention deficit disorder (ADD). He couldn’t sit still, struggled to focus, was easily distracted, impulsive, and frequently forgot things. Even a medical doctor believed that he had ADD. However, when he took the appropriate medication, things got worse, not better. Frustrated and confused, he became worried that he had a more severe mental disorder. He thought he was losing his mind.

One of the commonly overlooked areas in mental health is sleep...


5 Ways to Survive Narcissistic In-Laws

It was a second marriage for Clark and Claudia so they were both prepared for a difficult first couple of years as they blended their families together. But what they did not expect was the added difficulty of Clark's parents. He knew that they were narcissistic and even prepared Claudia for their limited encounters. However, the holidays brought out an intensity that Clark did not expect. It also was Clark's birthday and his mother invited...


12 Traits of Dark, Sinister, Ominous Boss

There are bad bosses. The type that gets promoted without any managerial, interpersonal, or organizational skills. There are even scary bosses. The type that is unnecessarily threatening, overly aggressive, or ignorant to the point of causing others harm. But then there are the dark, sinister, or ominous bosses. This type is in a category all by themselves.

This boss looks great from the outside. They are well-dressed, groomed, charming, and smooth. When they enter a room,...