The Exhausted Woman
with Christine Hammond, MS, LMHC


10 Indications a Relationship is Going Sour

Hindsight is 20/20 vision when it comes to the fall of a relationship. What was once overlooked, minimized, explained away, or discounted now becomes an obvious sign of a deteriorating relationship. At first, they seemed so charming, helpful, generous, innocent, and gentle but then things turned, and an entirely different picture became apparent. Charming converted into controlling, helpful developed into obstructive, generous transformed into manipulative, innocent turned into culpable, and gentle grew into turbulent.

The nature...


7 Steps to Emerging from the Abuse Fog

It finally hit. After years of wondering what was wrong, who was crazy, and how this could have happened, the reality of abusive behavior hits like a ton of bricks. The insight is simultaneously overwhelming, shocking, frustrating, disgusting, and demeaning. But there it is the answer that was longed for but may never have been fully considered until this moment. Then everything became clear.

At first, it seems as if a thousand miles can be seen...


Recognizing the Narcissist Abandonment Cycle

“I never want to see you again,” Marie shouted to her husband as she slammed the door on the way out. Adam stood still wondering if she would immediately turn around as she had so many times before or if she would dramatically wait. Either way, he was no longer going to nervously run after her, text her obsessively begging for her return or call her mother crying about her departure.

This time was going to...


Four Reasons “Why?” is the Wrong Question

Mike found himself regularly confused by other people. Even though he was successful in his career, he struggled with personal connections. He had professional relationships, but they were very superficial and only existed within a work environment. When he tried to converse outside of business matters, he only ended up sounding awkward and unintelligent.

The home wasn’t any better. His relationship with his wife centered on discussing only severe matters about their teenagers. For the most...


How to Escape the Honeymoon Phase of Narcissistic Abuse

Sam saw a disturbing pattern in her marriage between herself and her partner. After her narcissistic husband would explode combining verbal assaults with mental and emotional abuse, he would enter a calmer phase of interaction for several weeks – almost allowing her to believe the abusive behavior had completely ceased. Then, as if there was a timer set on his frustration tolerance, a one-minute conversation could spark the abusive rage again. The rages were awful....


Domestic Violence Happens to Men Too

William was feeling ashamed and embarrassed. For years he tolerated abuse from his wife and had been too humiliated to tell anyone. Knowing he would not strike back at her, she frequently hit him, threw things at him, physically blocked him from leaving the room, and followed him when he was able to pass her, yelling nasty insults. Sex was used purely


How to Help after a Trauma

As soon as Tracey could get away, she ran. It took nearly all night to find the right moment when her date had finally fallen asleep so that she could remove his arm off her body. She silently grabbed her clothes from around the room, putting on enough items to leave the apartment, and carrying the rest. Carefully, she opened the door and took off running in the opposite direction without a thought of where...


How PTSD can look like Borderline Personality Disorder

The first couple of therapy sessions with Trina were rollercoaster rides. One second she was excited about a new job and all of the possibilities it presented, and the next she was anxious and overwhelmed from being a caretaker to her mother. When she came back for her second session she was nervous and depressed over the thought that her long-time partner might leave her, and by the third, the issue seemed to have disappeared...


10 Steps to Improving Your Marriage

Sam and Blake have been married for 12 years. Their blended marriage includes a child from a previous relationship for both of them and two of their own. Both parents have shared custody of their child from previous partners, so scheduling anything can be very difficult depending on the reasonableness of their exes. Between soccer practices, dance classes, and piano lessons, just finding time to come to counseling without the kids was a struggle.

But they...


Initial Responses to Trauma

As I was headed towards a parking lot after leaving a downtown office, I witnessed a woman get struck by a pick-up truck no more than 10 feet in front of me. She had walked into on-coming traffic to cross the street where there was no intersection or light and didn’t see how quickly the truck was approaching on the 40mph road. The driver