The Exhausted Woman
with Christine Hammond, MS, LMHC


11 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

Dorothy recently lost her father to complications related to Alzheimer’s. Over the past ten years, she watched her dad deteriorate and become a shell of his former self. By the end, he did not know who she was, could not dress himself, and was on a soft food diet to minimize chocking. She grieved his loss with every decline and now that he was at peace, Dorothy decided it was time to take care of...


Am I Becoming a Narcissist?

Alice woke up crying. The reality of a previous night of fighting, slamming doors, and breaking plates came into full view. The house was a mess, her husband of eight years was gone, and she felt as broken as the plates. She could hardly recognize herself anymore. In the middle of the screaming last night, amidst the vulgar names her husband called her, he said she was a narcissist. Could it be true? Could he...


Are You In A Toxic Relationship?

The phrase “toxic relationship” is thrown around quite a bit in popular media. But what really defines a toxic relationship? Toxic can be anything from an unhealthy to downright deadly. But it can be difficult when things are going well in a relationship to see some of the warning signs of toxicity. Frequently, what is overlooked in exchange for attention, affection, excitement, and the hope of commitment can sometimes be more harmful than good.

Sadly, there...


Should I Stay Or Go?

David wondered if it was time for his relationship with Stephanie to end. In the beginning, things were great, and he thought that he found the love of his life. She was charming, helpful, generous, and gentle. But as time passed, new problems emerged. The ease of their relationship was now tumultuous.

The excitement and intensity of the relationship made it easy to overlook Stephanie’s temper. She explained that she had a previous abusive relationship and...


Why Won’t My Kid Stop Playing Video Games?

After the third attempt to get her 9-year-old son to stop playing his video game and do his homework, Kelly angrily walked over to him, unplugged the device, and yelled. Her son yelled back and went into a rage all about how she ruined his game, embarrassed him in front of his friends, and was “the worst mom ever”. But Kelly refused to back down and insisted that he do his homework.

Then came the negotiation....


5 Guidelines for Electronic Devices

Recently, I stopped by a fast food place to grab a quick meal on a break from work. It was one of those places with a large indoor playground designed for families and small children. My timing was terrible, during the rush hour of dinner, so I was anxious to get my food and immediately leave because I assumed the noise level would be high. While it was crowded, I was shocked to find the...


7 Healing Steps from an Abusive Narcissistic Mother

Claire was 15 years old and lived with her mother. Her parents divorced when she was 10 and for the past 5 years, Claire had limited contact with her father. Not that her dad did not want contact, he did, but Claire’s mom made it very difficult. When Claire did visit with her father, she was cold, distant, and indifferent towards him.

Some of Claire’s behavior was normal for her age. Teenagers tend to detach from...


What is Empathy?

Empathy is one of those words that gets tossed around without much explanation. Having empathy is said to improve your marriage, your career, your parenting skills, your emotional well-being, your friendships, and basically your life. It has become the emotional aspirin of our day.

But what does that really mean in the practical sense? How does a person show empathy in a way that is meaningful and transformative without being fake?

The technical definition of empathy is the...


7 Ways a Narcissistic Attachment Is Destructive

Hindsight is 20/20. Looking back, Pete could see how destructive his marriage to Nan was. He knew that she was narcissistic, but he didn’t care. He thought that his love would be enough and if he knew how to handle her, things would go well. But it did not.

It didn’t take long before Pete stopped doing activities that he enjoyed in favor of hers. Her friends became his. And her likes and dislikes developed into...


9 Effective Ways to Reduce Chronic Stress

It wasn’t until Martha came into her therapist’s office that she realized the extent of her stress. Prior to coming in, Martha thought she was losing her mind. As an executive, she was accustomed to the everyday stress of working in a high-pressured environment. But what surprised her recently was an inability to make decisions, upset stomach, a constant feeling of being overwhelmed, frequent headaches, emotional outbursts, muscles that won’t relax, and insomnia.

A trip to...