2 thoughts on “How Narcissistic Parenting Breeds Devastation

  • May 19, 2017 at 9:03 pm

    The narcissistic mother or father is nothing short of evil incarnate. Mothers seem to me to be worse though as people are very quick to take a woman’s side on any issue over a man’s in this day and age. They are more covert and harder to suss out for this reason. This leads them to be a truly backward/upside down person who will indignantly and arrogantly argue that black is white, and that up is down. Furthermore the self deception is so complete that reminding them of what they said, even ten minutes ago, isn’t a viable strategy for obtaining truth in a situation where you are made out to be a liar when you will not accept responsibility for THEIR lies. I guess they call that gas lighting. Yes they also have a hurt child inside them that needs healing. They will revert back to the abuses they experienced in the past and claim victim-hood while perpetrating the very abuse they have received, most of the time going above and beyond in the abuse to try and alleviate their sick need for vindication. They have suffered in the past so now you as their child must suffer as well, lest they feel that they are responsible for their own healing. If you are damaged as well, they can feel normal. The only way to not perpetuate the cycle of narcissism is to constantly call out and bring attention to the evil spirit they are so perversely attached to. No they will not care or listen or have any empathy, but if you call them out on their lies enough you might be able to get something done, like simply having a clean living environment. Just know that you WILL be labeled abusive for having basic needs and demanding that they be met. They blame you for their not cleaning or doing anything to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I started using drugs at 13 to disassociate myself from the constant lies and shitty lifestyle my parents perpetuate. Don’t do this, it just gives the narcissist another convenient scapegoat to distance themselves from ANY responsibility for their actions. The only time the narc parent will lift a finger is when they need to have another mask to put on. “Oh see? Things are improving! You are just too negative, look at all the good things that are happening” as they actively deny your needs being met. Narcissistic parents are evil as hell and you have every right to call them out on their bullshit. If you don’t, you risk becoming the very thing you hate to the people around you. Put the hate where it is due, and be willing to trust yourself in identifying the real nature of the beast. The worst thing you can do is internalize their pathology and victimize innocent strangers with it.


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