2 thoughts on “How to Recover from a Narcissistic Relationship

  • April 14, 2018 at 7:47 pm

    You give The best descriptions of Narcs that I have ever read.

    After abt 3 yrs of a 16 yr marriage from Hell, I realised that he, his mother & 2 of his 4 sisters were “Lifes Walking Wounded” (the only way to describe it, at that time), because they were the Only 1’s on the Entire planet who didn’t get Everything that they felt they Deserved.
    Their Mother was/is Queen Narc, & tried to ensure that all 5 of her kids did Not ‘do better’ than her, in their life. They Hated 2 see Any1 Happy and/or to Prosper in their life, whether their success came from inheritance or Hard work. They resentd each others success also. Instead of congratulating people & being Happy abt their success, they would say ‘This Makes Me sick’.
    They Have huge animosity for ‘Skinny’ people, women who kept their own (natural) nails groomed & polished, or get a mani & fake nails. They said people who have polished-groomed nails couldn’t possibly be doing regular house work, ‘with those nails’. Then ensue with a Bashing session.
    People who ‘dressed up’ to go out in public-how dare You brush your hair, wash your face, put on unwrinkled, Clean clothes, wear socks with tennis shoes & apply a little mascara & lipstick to go to the Grocery store or to school to pick up your child- You really think you are better than every1 else.
    If you wear something different, or God forbid a new pair of shoes, they want to know Why you bought shoes, Where u bought them, how much did they cost, if you paid cash, chrged them or wrote a check. Then say how they would Never buy shoes that look like that Or pay that price. When the next day,they cant get to the store fast enough to get shoes exactly like yours.
    I hated being Forced by Ex Narc to visit them. It was nothing but a Bashing session of me & every1 else in town that they hated.
    1 of them said she Loved it when other women went into labor with a child. She would rush to the hospital, saying “I Loved to see them in all that pain”. I was appalled by this as I had Never heard of Or even come close to a thought like this. My thought was to Pray for this woman & her baby that they both are safe & healthy during this process.
    It repulsed me that my then spouse, being a male, was just like them. He had No ambition, & was perfectly happy with working ‘when he had the chance’, that I was the Only 1 who had Steady employment (7yrs) for the same company. He used the excuse of ‘I have a Bad back’- because his mother told him so, so he couldnt get a ‘Good Job’. I called him out on that. Again, He cried, threatened suicide, because I didnt Love him, & Again, didnt Treat him Right. He could never tell me How was I not treating him right. He would say, ‘Well, I dont know, but You dont treat me right’.

    Only by Prayers & the Grace of God, did I Make it out of that Marriage from Hell, with any sanity at all. But I dont think I will ever completely recover from the damage. Flashbacks & dreams of him holding me down-hostage, have lessened, but are still as scary as ever. I’m being treated for PTSD.


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