4 thoughts on “What is Emotional Abuse?

  • May 17, 2019 at 3:10 pm

    This is the behavior of a narcissist.

  • May 19, 2019 at 6:11 am

    An excellent article. I can relate to so much of it except it’s the other way around. My husband has emotionally abused me since the day he put a ring on my finger. During our courtship he acted quiet and non-confrontational. It was only after we got married that I began to see the real side of his character. Your post has helped me to grasp the full extent of the myriad ways in which I have been controlled and abused. From the start of our marriage he would not allow me to speak…. I was consistently told to be quiet and shut up. When I objected he would grab my arms and shake me so hard until my arms were bruised. He took full control of the finances and treated me like a small child who had to go to him and ask for money. I found that very demeaning. He would spend my earnings before he used his to wages for anything hence, saving money in an account in his name only. When we had guests I never got a chance to have a conversation, because he would interrupt and take over the conversation or, change the subject altogether. He would openly flirt with my female friends. Each year our holidays were spent visiting his family who did not accept me, because I was a foreigner so, I would spend two weeks in the company of people whom he loved but treated me like and outcast. He never spoke up or supported me when I was being mocked or insulted by his rude family. He was sneaky and secretive and would make decisions without including me even big decisions that involved the house etc. Things were so bad that one day, when we went to a store to buy a new dinner set, he choose what he wanted and that was it… it didn’t matter what I liked, it was his choice that counted. There was no compromise. He took over the shopping and when I went for new shoes he followed me around the store saying they were too expensive and I couldn’t have them. Too expensive for what he’d pay for shoes but, we were in KayMart and that was the only store I was allowed to shop in. The man has traumatized me. He has demeaned and devalued me. He has humiliated me in front of others and on the street. I hate him now but I’m penniless to leave.


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