8 thoughts on “Who is the Most Narcissistic Generation?

  • June 12, 2019 at 9:10 am

    These articles are exhausting and attribute to Millennial discrimination. It is really disturbing that you counsel people. I can’t imagine that this bias doesn’t affect your work when you have a Millennial aged client.

    I began working when I was 16, and worked at least 20 hours a week on top of attending high school. I did not get to go to football games, prom or movies with my friends because I had a job to go to at least 4 days out of the week after going to high school all day. Am I worthy of respect yet?

    I know that I am lucky to only have $20,000 in student loan debt in my late twenties. No, my parents did not bail me out. I also did not ask them for help. They made enough money that I did not qualify for good financial aid, yet also did not offer to help with any of my college bills. I did not complain, I did not expect money, and I did not ask for any money from them. I got the loans in my name, worked through school and paid my own way. It is astonishing how people older than me always assume that my daddy bought my car, or the reason I have XYZ is because my parents bought it for me. I paid for my own belongings, and continue to pay for my education, am I worthy of respect yet?

    After telling my boss again to please stop asking me when I will have children as I am not interested in having children, he responded with “it is a good thing you know you are too selfish to have children.” This assumption is so painful, when the reality is that being a child was so painful that I cannot ever put another person through that. Yet it was easier for him to assume that I must just be a selfish person. I have real reasons, my own reasons, for not wanting to have children in addition to not being able to financially support a child. Am I worthy of respect yet?

    I grew up watching my parents fight constantly yet never separate. I used to pray, wish that they would divorce. I grew up not seeing value in marriage, being told that 50% of marriages end in divorce anyways, and that the only real reasons to get married are for financial benefits. Yet you believe it is my lack of empathy that is the reason I have not gotten married yet. Yet you believe that being legally married is the only way to have a relationship that has “true intimacy.” If I get married so that you are more comfortable, will I then be worthy of respect?

    There have been questionable articles coming out for some time, usually I just laugh and delete the email. Now it is finally time to unsubscribe. Disgusting. I never expected this site to jump on the Millennial hate bandwagon.

    • September 7, 2019 at 7:13 pm

      I agree with you. This article is extremely insulting…traits, diagnosis…it’s still a judgment of a large number of people.

      I don’t believe people truly know the difference between millennials and post-millennials. One that always gets me is that millennials received participation rewards—I never got one. That is something that I as a millennial make fun of in the post-millennial generation.

      My parents didn’t take care of me into my 30s; I moved out at 19 and know many other people that did. In fact, most people I know weren’t cared for by their parents well into adulthood or even as teenagers. The Great Recession occurred as I graduated from high school. This meant our parents were losing money, and we were trying to obtain jobs to make up for the difference. However, we had to fight with displaced adults for high school jobs. Even after college, we were fighting displaced workers with tons of experience for entry level positions. Let’s not mention how the starting wage for these positions has not increased since 1991, despite the exponential increase in cost of living and diminished value of the dollar.

      It is through the millennial generation—who is quickly becoming the majority of the workforce—that there’s now so much more awareness occurring/being brought to the forefront in the world around us. Work-life balance, holistic wellness—just looking at mental health alone—has made so many strides and become so much less stigmatized through millennials vulnerability and push for true healing…

      I can only hope with such bias that you are not working with anyone from our [millennial] population because the thoughts expressed here would do those individuals more harm than good if within your care.

    • November 19, 2019 at 5:25 am

      I agree and the reality is there is almost no scientific evidence to support this. Millennials who have taken the NPI don’t score particularly high and the differences that can be seen can easily be attributed to life stage (developmental psychology) more than generational theory which is very ‘fixed mind set’. We will see these traits (for their weak appearance) disappear miraculously amongst millennials and then the Gen-Xs will start hating on Gen-Z unless we can reeducate this dis-proven and outmoded way of thinking.

  • October 3, 2019 at 12:06 pm

    I believe we are inundated with analysis of very privileged millennials- the recipients of the unprecedented wealth of certain Boomer parents. There are many working class and middle class children of non wealthy parents who are suffering while subsisting on the financial crumbs that trickle down from the “ Ivankas”. These long suffering kids are more like my Gen X cohorts but they have access to the internet and use it to vocalize their desire to see a more equitable society. My generation blamed themselves and they seem to be dying early due to stress.

  • February 17, 2020 at 11:50 pm

    Ive found that most “professionals” with capital letters after their names….ARE NARCISSISTS!


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