2 thoughts on “Tips for Managing Daily ADD Behavior

  • January 19, 2016 at 10:01 am

    Way back when before ADHD existed as a diagnosable condition, I realized that the only way I could start a task, much less complete it, was to dispense with all the prep work and just jump in and do it. If I stopped to scrape and stack dishes, they’d still be there the next day, unscraped, unstacked, and unwashed. I had to just plug up the sink, turn on the water and start washing. This got the tasks done, but had it’s drawbacks such as really greasy glasses because the greasy skillet was first to hand. And the project at work that was late for it’s deadline because the least important project was on top of the pile. Instead of firing me, the boss took the time to find out why I was late and patiently tutored me in sorting out priorities first thing. Then I discovered lists! Eventually, when I needed to make a master list of the the lists, I abandoned the lists. Also because, somehow, putting something on the list became equivalent to actually doing the task. Eventually, I started making lists again, but stuck to just one. My point? If I have one, it got lost in the pile somewhere. I’ve struggled always with this starting and completing tasks timely. When I retired, I joyfully took off my watch and I don’t even know where it is now, but I have discovered that, somehow, I have a clock on every wall and three timers. Time remains a mystery to me no matter how many time keepers I have. Even more so in retirement because I don’t have the structure of a work week and work setting. Diagnosis and medication hasn’t helped much except to fool me into thinking I can beat it some day, somehow, with my calendar list, computer alerts, wish book list, To Do List, Daily Goals list, and steno pad and other time keeping tools, when I remember where thy are.


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