The Exhausted Woman
with Christine Hammond, MS, LMHC

Coping Skills

Alexithymia: A Personality Trait

Dave started going to counseling because his marriage was falling apart. He said that wife had enough of his “lack of presence, no emotional response, and no intimacy.” While he agreed with her analysis, he was unable to describe it for himself and minimized the impact these things played in their marriage. He reasoned that because he was a strong provider, he was already showing love and therefore did not need to do it any...

Coping Skills

Obsessed: Narcissists and Their Food

It wasn’t until Tabitha had dinner at a friend’s house as a teenager that she realized there was something odd about how her family handled food. At her friend’s, there was food with a variety of healthy and even some unhealthy snacks. Her mother didn’t have a lock on the “special food” so no one could have access. Their mealtime was engaging and fun with everyone participating in the conversation. There were no snide remarks...


Do You Have a Machiavellian Boss?

Morgan had not noticed the book, The Prince, sitting predominately on her bosses’ credenza.

Perhaps she hadn't previously been in the office long enough to look around, but now seeing the book, everything became clear. Her boss had a common saying during meetings, “The end always justifies the means,” and expected everyone to operate on that philosophy.

“The end,” for her boss, was all about the bottom line and making the deal whatever the cost. While she...


Recognizing The Dark Triad

After meeting his new boss for the first time, Donald was impressed. Here was someone who ran his own business, was highly successful, knew nearly everyone in town, had considerable power, and enormous influence. He was charming, decisive, domineering, unfeeling, harsh, and intimidating. At first, Donald admired his boss. But then he had a private conversation.

It was late at night and his boss seemed to want to talk so Donald saw it as an opportunity...


How to Keep Dangerous People from Becoming too Close

Hailey was mortified by what happened at the last party. She watched as a “friend” flirted with her boyfriend and then made a pass at him right in front of her. Worst yet, her boyfriend returned the kiss and then left with her shortly afterward. Embarrassed and ashamed, Hailey was furious at both her boyfriend and friend.

When she told the story to another friend, they were not surprised and instead asked Hailey why she even...

Coping Skills

How to Deal with Narcissistic Grandparents

At a family gathering, Susie’s 2-year-old son was happily running around until her mother-in-law pulled out her cane and tripped him. Susie looked on in horror as the grandmother laughed while her son cried from the fall. Then the grandmother yelled at the boy for crying, calling him a crybaby. Susie swept up her son and took him away.

Later her husband asked what happened. Apparently, his mother reported that Susie was being overprotective of their...

Coping Skills

How to Prepare for Change

Miranda finally got the job she wanted. After 10 years of doing jobs that were beneath her skills, making the necessary connections, and settling for minimal pay, Miranda landed the job of her dreams. She knew that it was going to require a shift in her lifestyle due to the increase in travel. But she was ready for this challenge. Miranda wisely decided to take a couple of weeks off in between jobs to prepare...

Coping Skills

Is Their Change Real or False?

Marsha made a commitment that this year would be different. This would be the year when she would get serious about her career, stop smoking, and find the right guy. To solidify her decision, she told her friends and family that she had changed and this year she was going to prove it to everyone.

Mark left rehab for the 3rd time with a new commitment to being sober. This was like his other two commitments...

Coping Skills

Alzheimer’s: When Love Turns into Pain

Alicia watched the deterioration of her mother’s mind in agony. She wanted it to stop. The emotional pain was overwhelming. Her mother was becoming a shell of who she was and worse yet, her mom was unaware of what was happening. The diagnosis of Alzheimer’s seemed like a death sentence. Alicia wanted the progression of the disorder to slow down or at least pause for a moment. But it didn’t. One day her mom seemed...

Coping Skills

7 Steps Abusers Need to Take with their Victims

After reviewing the 7 types of abusive behavior checklist, Mariah identified the abuse she received as well as the abuse she gave. Her mother was verbally, mentally, and physically abusive with her as a child, something that Mariah pushed aside and did not confront until in therapy. But what really saddened her was becoming aware of how she was passing down some of the same abusive behavior onto her husband and children.

She told herself that...