The Exhausted Woman
with Christine Hammond, MS, LMHC

Coping Skills

Parents of Narcissists: It’s Not You

Margret and Henry felt beaten down after a weekend visit with their daughter’s family. They were excited to see their grandchildren and spend time with their daughter but instead, they became the target of their daughter’s verbal attacks. At times, their daughter treated them like a complete stranger forbidding them to interact with the grandkids. Then when she needed something, she acted like they were best friends and guilted them into buying things.

The confusing tactic...

Coping Skills

10 Signs of a Suicidal Attitude

There is a heavy pause in the air. Very rarely in our busy 24/7 society, we encounter these silent moments, but every time a celebrity or a familiar person commits suicide the world seems to momentarily stop spinning. Shocked into a gasp of disbelief, wonderment, sadness, and awareness, this pause reminds us of the fragility of life.

Then come the questions about the incident: How did they do it? Why did this happen? Who did they...

Children & Teens

What is Reconciliation Therapy?

After a three year absence from her 8-year-old daughter, Allison was eager to reenter and re-engage in her life. She had lost all custody rights due to a neglect charge that happened five years ago. Alison had gone inside a house to purchase illegal drugs and left her child unattended in a hot car. Her child was red hot and screaming when a bystander noticed and called the police. But she paid her dues, went...

Children & Teens

7 Things Children of Divorced Parents Need to Hear

Alice’s parents sat her down to tell her that they were going to get a divorce. She expected it long before they spoke. Recently their fighting escalating into no communication at all and the tension in the house was unbearable. Even though she was only a pre-teen, Alice was already worried about what the divorce would look like. Her best friend’s parents divorced the year earlier and they were regularly using their children to communicate...

Coping Skills

The Power of Intentional Self-Talk

After being in an abusive relationship for over 10 years, Marvin could not get it together. He had finally left the relationship, severed the ties, got some counseling, and even moved away but he was still struggling. The harmful words of his ex still rang in his ears. He would hear her voice in his head as if she was still there. “You’re stupid.” “You’ll never succeed.” “You’re such a loser, no one wants you.”

Worse yet,...

Coping Skills

Your Reaction to Criticism Unveils Your Psyche

There are split-second moments in everyone’s life that reveals the inner workings of a person. A micro gesture of an upward turned part of the mouth in combination with a slightly closed eye might signal contempt for another person. However, this quick moment is easily missed by an untrained eye. But you don’t have to be that in-tuned to another person’s body language in order to figure them out.

Instead, their response to criticism is highly unveiling....

Coping Skills

How to Successfully Transition Major Life Events

Since the time you progressed from crawling to walking as an infant, life has been a series of major and minor transitions. There was growth from one school year to the next. There were interests, traumas, and accomplishments that impacted future decisions about career, hobbies, and adventure. And there were changes in relationship status from single, married, divorced, dating, or widowed. Each shift brings new challenges, opportunities, possibilities, and potential failures.

Sometimes the transition is gradual, while...

Children & Teens

What is Co-Parenting?

After two years of hearings, depositions, mediations, and negotiations, Megan and Nate finally had a settlement agreement on their divorce. The process was grueling and their three kids were tired of the fighting. But now it is over and everything can return to some sort of new normal. Or can it?

As if things weren’t bad enough during the divorce, now Megan and Nate began the hard part of the process: co-parenting. But what exactly is this?...

Children & Teens

10 Ways to Improve Connection

Ralph was puzzled. While he struggled with social connection his whole life, he was making a conscious effort to be different now. Yet, the harder he tried to connect with his wife, kids, co-workers, and friends, the worse things got. The more he tried to “be real” by openly sharing his thoughts and feelings the more distant others became. His attempt at sharing his thoughts about how to improve his daughter’s art project was disastrous. This...

Coping Skills

The 5 Powerful Painful Events that Transform Lives

Marie and her twin sister Rose had the same childhood experiences. They went to the same schools, had the same teachers, liked the same activities and enjoyed the same friends. Yet as they got older, Marie excelled in her job, had a stable marriage, and was satisfied with her achievements. Meanwhile, Rose became an alcoholic, had an abusive relationship, and was unable to hold a steady job.

How is it that two people with similar experiences can...