The Exhausted Woman
with Christine Hammond, MS, LMHC

Children & Teens

7 Ways to Protect Your Kids from Your Narcissistic Ex

Sabrina was at her wit's end. Her narcissistic ex-husband hit an all-time low. During their marriage, she was the target for his angry rants, verbal assaults, gaslighting, and guilt-tripping. But now his attacks seemed to center around just one of their two kids. Unfortunately, it was their ten-year-old child who most resembled Sabrina’s personality that was his new target. Their twelve-year-old child seemed to escape his scrutiny despite the recent in-school suspension and two failing...

Coping Skills

The Addiction of Narcissism

It wasn’t until counseling that Tim realized he was married to a narcissist. Again. And unfortunately, again. The narcissism in his first wife was obvious. Her obsession with power and control of his life and money alienated her from their kids. His second wife was so preoccupied with her appearance that he lost track with the number of plastic surgeries she had. And wife number three was on a six-month silent treatment streak with him.


Coping Skills

7 Steps for Reducing Decision Fatigue

After a ten-hour intense divorce meditation, Brian was exhausted and frustrated that only one aspect of the divorce agreement was resolved. As an attorney and mediator for over 20 years, usually, he was able to accomplish more.  But this couple spent hours bickering over minute issues and refused to listen to reason. Relieved to be finally headed home, he barely remembered driving.

His teenage daughter approached him first saying that she “had to” have a motorized...

Children & Teens

Is Video Game Addiction Real?

Joey admitted that he lost interest in his favorite sport. Already a state champion with prospects to be a national star, each day he didn’t practice he was throwing away that possibility. His work also suffered. Where he once thrived and was revered for his hard work, he now was barely keeping it together and on the verge of failure. His relationships deteriorated as well. He lost friendships and was at odds with the people...

Coping Skills

11 Lies about Love

It was in counseling that Stephanie realized another significant impact of her abusive marriage. She thought that getting away from her husband would be enough to free her, but her mind was still trapped. He said abusive things like, “You are a fool,” “You can’t do anything right,” and “You are worthless,” she now repeated in her head. Worse yet, her perception of love radically changed.

She now saw love as dangerous, confining, and vulnerable, yet...


Is Your Partner Addicted to You?

At first, Jacqueline found her partner’s behavior endearing. He would send her multiple text messages during the day including during work, he randomly appeared when she was out to lunch with friends, he started texting her friends as if he was their friend, and he constantly wanted to know where she was and who she was with. It seemed romantic in the beginning but then after a while, it started to feel creepy.

Her friends were...


What is Decision Fatigue?

After losing a large account over a missed detail in a report, Shaun began to take inventory of his work habits. It was an error that he would normally never miss but he had reviewed the document in the afternoon after a long morning of tough negotiations with another account. Determined to figure this out, Shaun enlisted the help of a coach who pointed out that he might have suffered from decision fatigue.

Defining decide and...


What is Love?

At first, it sounds like a silly question.

Not to Julie. She was trying to pin down a new definition after having been in an abusive relationship for eight years. She wanted love. She wanted to be in love and be loved by someone who treated her right. But the years of abuse had conditioned her to believe that love is painful and not worth the effort. Now after several years in recovery. She wanted to...

Coping Skills

Warning Signs of Deadly Abuse

When asked by her therapist, “Have you ever been abused,” Nicole said, “No”. But then, for a split second, she looked downwards and frowned. Instinctively her therapist knew something was off. A few more minutes of probing revealed a boyfriend with anger problems. During fits of rage, he would destroy her personal property, grab her and not let her go, and call her obscene names. One time, he dragged her out of the car and...


How Narcissists Keep You from Grieving

Margie was devastated when her mother passed away. Her mom was diagnosed with cancer one month and then gone by the next. She had a close relationship with her mom and frequently leaned on her for support in her marriage, parenting her kids, and balancing family and work. The loss left a huge hole in her heart that she tried to grieve but couldn’t.

The day of her mom’s funeral, her husband complained about being sick...