The Exhausted Woman
with Christine Hammond, MS, LMHC

Coping Skills

Emotional Blackmail: A Subtle Abuse

As the last of her children left for college, Janet realized she was done with her marriage. She had maintained the image of a “perfect family” for too long. It took her several years to get to this point - including many hours with a counselor - but after all that time she was finally here and ready to move forward into a new phase of life. The emotional, mental, verbal, and financial abuse she...

Coping Skills

What is Stockholm Syndrome?

When Bailey began therapy, she had already convinced herself that she was crazy. In her early 20’s, Bailey was still living at home with her brother and mother. She failed her first semester of college, had regular panic attacks, associated herself with unhealthy people, and was barely holding onto her waitress job. Her father also repeatedly told her that she was the cause of all the drama in the house with her irresponsible behavior and...


7 Steps to Helping a Friend Change for the Better

After watching her best friend self-destruct yet again, Emily could no longer stay silent. Their 5-year friendship was on the verge of ending with Emily heading in a positive direction and her best friend destroying her life. Emily confronted her bestie a couple of months ago addressing the excessive drinking, illegal use of pain pills, and her rapidly deteriorating work ethic. But Emily was met with high resistance, so she backed off. Now, Emily was...

Coping Skills

How To Heal From a Narcissistic Parent

The moment Brian first really understood the term Narcissistic Personality Disorder, a light bulb went off in his brain. He spent most of his life thinking he was crazy, lazy, and stupid – three words his father often said about him to other family members and friends. His father also severely and harshly disciplined him, set-up unnecessary competitions in which his dad was the winner, never apologized, showed no empathy even when Brian was hurt,...

Coping Skills

Are You Suffering from Pre-Hurricane Stress (PHS)?

As Hurricane Florence heads for the shore with shifting center winds of 130-145 miles per hour, anxiety in residents builds with every changing forecast.

The topic of conversation at check-out aisles in grocery stores is which storm have you lived through. Those who have survived many previous storms have already completed their shopping. While others who discount or minimize the storm mockingly comment on the over-response of others.

There is a great divide between survivors of previous...

Coping Skills

The 6 Ways Narcissists Resemble Hurricanes

The dreaded anticipation, presence, and aftermath of a hurricane are devastating to communities, families, and states. But so is a narcissist. Viewing the storm from a distance, you can see it’s massiveness, intensity, and potential destructibility. However, while in the middle of the storm, it is hard to know when you have experienced the worst of the destruction. The same is true for a relationship with a narcissist. Here are six other similarities.

Their reputation...

Coping Skills

The Sociopathic Art of Deception

As a science teacher in a public high school, Amanda was well liked by her students. Not only was she young, beautiful, and a good communicator, but she also had a way of interacting with the students that was a bit different yet very effective. Everyone loved her - teachers, administrators, students, and parents – which, in many ways, made her feel like she was above following the rules.

Then one day, when a parent accused...

Coping Skills

The Dysfunctional Bond Between Narcissists and Co-Dependents

Megan and Ryan decided to go to marriage counseling after their last fight resulted in the police being called. After being married for 7 years, the marriage was falling apart, and Ryan now had a police record for domestic violence as a result.

The conflict did not start with Ryan hitting his wife, as the arrest record portrayed. Rather Megan was aggressive towards him - throwing things, hitting him, and physically blocking his only exit.  In...


How Paranoid Is Your Spouse?

Looking back over their 15-year marriage, Andrew began to see the early signs of paranoia in his wife not long after they met. She was overly fearful of new environments, believed her boss was secretly out to get her, and constantly worried that he wasn’t being loyal to her. But he loved her and thought that by marrying her things would get better and her fears would subside.

They did not. Instead, they got worse. To...

Coping Skills

10 Strategies for Coping with an Adult Narcissistic Child

My daughter who is 18 fits most of these (narcissistic) examples. For the last year, after her second suicide attempt, I have probably been way too lenient on her because of my fear of losing her. I truly feel at my wit's end with her unfair accusations and manipulative behavior and have now had to reconcile ‘losing her’ in one way or another in order to save myself. She lives with me. How can I...