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What is Co-Parenting?

After two years of hearings, depositions, meditations, and negotiations, Megan and Nate finally had a settlement agreement on their divorce. The process was grueling and their three kids were tired of the fighting. But now it is over and everything can return to some sort of new normal. Or can it?

As if things weren’t bad enough during the divorce, now Megan and Nate began the hard part of the process: co-parenting. But what exactly is this?...

Children & Teens

10 Ways to Improve Connection

Ralph was puzzled. While he struggled with social connection his whole life, he was making a conscious effort to be different now. Yet, the harder he tried to connect with his wife, kids, co-workers, and friends, the worse things got. The more he tried to “be real” by openly sharing his thoughts and feelings the more distant others became. His attempt at sharing his thoughts about how to improve his daughter’s art project was disastrous. This...

Coping Skills

The 5 Powerful Painful Events that Transform Lives

Marie and her twin sister Rose had the same childhood experiences. They went to the same schools, had the same teachers, liked the same activities and enjoyed the same friends. Yet as they got older, Marie excelled in her job, had a sable marriage, and was satisfied with her achievements. Meanwhile, Rose became an alcoholic, had an abusive relationship, and was unable to hold a steady job.

How is it that two people with similar experiences can...


Are You a Narcissist?

Brenda stumbled upon the definition of narcissism while googling difficult bosses. Curious, she began reading several articles on the subject. At first, she only saw her boss as narcissistic but as she explored further, she began to wonder if she was a narcissist. Several of the characteristics ran true over the course of her life while only a few seemed to be sustaining.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder is one of nine diagnosable personality disorders. A personality disorder is...

Children & Teens

15 Tips on Parenting Budding Borderline Behavior

After several counselors, problems at school, relational difficulties, rages over nothing, irrational behavior, and now even a suicide attempt, Megan realized that something was terribly wrong with her 15 year old daughter. Finally, a therapist who specializes in personality disorders suggested that this behavior was an early indicator of Borderline Personality Disorder.

Because the official diagnosis cannot be made until 18 years of age, the therapist was stuck explaining the disorder without being able to diagnose. According...

Coping Skills

How to Handle Abuse

Mark’s wife began by verbally abusing him early on in the marriage. As the years progressed, so did her abusive behavior escalating into her throwing and destroying his phone. He wants to get a divorce, but also wants to wait until after his daughter graduates from high school which is about one year away.

Natalie’s boss is overbearing, demanding, sexually harassing, and downright rude. Even though she has reported some of his abusive behavior to Human...


How Do You Get Wisdom?

After spending an afternoon conversing with her grandfather, Stephanie realized for the first time just how wise he was. His insight was amazing. He showed compassion and patience towards frustrating family members without losing himself. His perception of world market economics was eerily precise for a person who never worked in that field. And his ability to pick up on small, yet significant, nuances without overexposing a person was almost an art form.

His wisdom was...


How Suicide Deceives

Recently a friend, Donna, experienced the trauma of losing their sister to suicide. Even though it has been eighteen years, four months, and 17 days since my best friend committed suicide, it still haunts me. Within seconds of hearing Donna’s journey, I was instantly transported back in time to the days following my best friend’s death. I tried to stay engaged with Donna and show empathy for her experience all the while desperately desiring empathy...


Narcissism Passed Down a Generation

Narcissistic father

At 12 years old, Tabitha was the polar opposite of her narcissistic parent. Her father was an overt grandiose narcissist who loved to brag about himself. Whenever Tabitha excelled, her father would take the credit but not before pointing out that he had accomplished even more. By contrast, Tabitha was subtle, hated the spotlight, and would go silent in times of trouble. Her demeanor was so different from her narcissistic father,...


20 Lies Addicts Say to Justify their Addiction

Angel came into counseling knowing that something was wrong but not knowing what it was. After being married for seven years, he noticed his wife became more secretive and distant. Money from their savings account was missing and unaccounted for, his wife would disappear frustrated and return weirdly happy, and she seemed to get angry very easily over insignificant matters.

At first, he thought she was having an affair. But after looking at her phone and...

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