The Exhausted Woman
with Christine Hammond, MS, LMHC


5 Ways to Survive Narcissistic In-Laws

It was a second marriage for Clark and Claudia so they were both prepared for a difficult first couple of years as they blended their families together. But what they did not expect was the added difficulty of Clark's parents. He knew that they were narcissistic and even prepared Claudia for their limited encounters. However, the holidays brought out an intensity that Clark did not expect. It also was Clark's birthday and his mother invited...


12 Traits of Dark, Sinister, Ominous Boss

There are bad bosses. The type that gets promoted without any managerial, interpersonal, or organizational skills. There are even scary bosses. The type that is unnecessarily threatening, overly aggressive, or ignorant to the point of causing others harm. But then there are the dark, sinister, or ominous bosses. This type is in a category all by themselves.

This boss looks great from the outside. They are well-dressed, groomed, charming, and smooth. When they enter a room,...


12 Ways to Help a Friend Who Is Being Abused

Nancy and Marcie have been best friends since college. The turmoil of college bonded them as they believed that once they were in careers, married, and had kids, life would become easier. While it was for Marcie, Nancy's life became a nightmare. It took a while for Marcie to realize what was going on with Nancy. After Nancy graduated from college, she secured a good job and purchased her first home. She was intelligent, beautiful,...


11 Reasons Why Narcissists Hate Their Teen Kids

After Joe got in trouble at home for sneaking out of the house in the middle of the night, his parents sent him into counseling to be “fixed”. It wasn’t too long during the sessions that it became apparent that Joe’s father was a narcissist. Some of the frustrations that Joe was experiencing were directly related to how his father was now treating him in comparison to his pre-teen years.

For a narcissist, the teen years...


Gaslighting: How a Parent Can Drive a Kid Crazy

When a parent physical abuses their child, it leaves marks and outbursts of anger in the child. When they verbally abuse their child, it strips them of self-confidence and instills fear. When they sexually abuse their child, it destroys the possibility of intimacy and healthy sexuality. But when a parent mentally abuses their child by gaslighting, the child believes they are crazy. This becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, often doing a lifetime of damage.

Gaslighting is a...


8 Stages of Grieving after a Suicidal Death

Twenty years ago, my best friend took her life. She was plagued by severe bipolar and despite medication and treatment, she was unable to get better. She had a genius IQ, was beautiful, a delight to be around, a deep thinker, and obtained a by her early twenties. She was an amazing friend.  I can still remember the phone call informing me of her suicide and the numerous phone calls that followed as I...


5 Steps to Stopping Holiday Anger

Driving during the holidays requires a bit of patience, lots of control, and a sprinkle of endurance. As I was driving down the left side of the highway slightly faster than normal because I was late, suddenly someone cut me off.  I slammed on the breaks and skidded a bit almost hitting the concrete barrier. Although I was safe, instantly, feelings of rage emerged.

Or your spouse promises they will be home by a certain time...


6 Tips on Surviving the Holidays without a Partner

Dorothy lost her husband of 30 years this past year. She knew the holidays would be hard but didn't know they would be this difficult. Every ornament she hung reminded her of him. The cookies she baked were his favorites. Even her adult kids couldn't help but talk about what their dad would be doing. She tried so hard to put on a good face, but it felt like torture.

Worse yet, she developed anxiety and...


7 Ways to Set Boundaries with a Dangerous Ex

“You bitch, I’m going to kill you.” Natalie’s ex-husband texted her after she refused to adjust the time sharing with their son for the holidays. It wasn’t the first time he made a threat, he did it numerous times before, mostly in person especially when he did not get his way. But this time, he sent a text message. It was in writing so she took it to the police.

Shortly afterwards, she filed an...


The Deadly Progression of Abusive Text Messages

“I know, you just have to do it like you said.” Michelle Carter at 17-years-old sent this text message to her boyfriend just before he committed suicide in 2014. It was one of many text messages that she sent encouraging him to perform the act. In 2017, she was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for her participation in the death and two years later, a higher court upheld the conviction.