The Exhausted Woman
with Christine Hammond, MS, LMHC

Children & Teens

How to Reduce Anxiety in Kids after a School Shooting

Sammy refused to go to school after hearing about the death of several students at a neighboring school. Even though he didn’t’ know the details of the event, he was adamant about not going to school. His mother tried everything, including bribing him. But the more she talked the more anxious he got until Sammy had a complete meltdown. Realizing she couldn’t send him to school that way, mom reluctantly agreed to keep him home.


Coping Skills

8 Steps to Take after a School Shooting

Sadly, the state our nation is such that school shootings have become a regular part of news reports. And while each tragedy is unique in the details, victims, environment, and perpetrators, the common dominator is a desire to return to normal as soon as possible.

These catastrophes often unite friends, families, communities, and causes. The irony is that most perpetrators want to destroy the lives around them, generate fear in their victims, and isolate instead of...

Coping Skills

The Difference between Panic, Manic, and Psychotic Attacks

At first, everything seemed fine for Tess. She was driving back from visiting her parents a few hours away. Suddenly a flood of intense emotions, pounding heart rate, difficulty breathing, and erratic thoughts overwhelmed her.

She pulled the car over hoping to catch her breath but things got worse. Life became a distorted kaleidoscope, with nothing familiar from before. She couldn’t remember where she was and where she was going. Even speaking was difficult.

Having never experienced...

Coping Skills

13 Tips When Dealing with Difficult People

Kim wished she could live on an island away from the constant badgering of difficult people in her life. Her grandmother would call her daily to disseminate the latest gossip on her family. Her brother was constantly comparing her success to his even though they did not share the same profession. Her boss was an overbearing bully who expected more and more. Her husband was demanding, controlling, and frustrating.

She had no peace in any environment....


12 Ways to Get Rid of Insomnia

Beth thought she was losing it. She had a hard time concentrating at work, struggling with memory recall, frequently moody, short tempered, slow to make decisions, craving sugar and caffeine, and got into a couple of minor car accidents within the last few months. Her bizarre symptoms didn’t seem to add up to anything at first.

So she went to a medical doctor. After several tests, her doctor said there was nothing medically wrong with her...


7 Signs You Might Be Married to a Narcissist

“Is that what this is!” William exclaimed upon learning from a therapist that his wife had Narcissistic Personality Disorder. He came into the first therapy session with a written note from his wife to the therapist outlining all of his issues and the areas she wanted treatment for him. When the therapist redirected the conversation towards asking questions about his wife, he said she was perfect with a slight temper issue.

Several sessions later, William regained...

Coping Skills

The Confusing Narcissistic Cycle of Abandonment and Return

“I never want to see you again,” Marie shouted to her husband as she slammed the door on the way out. Adam stood still wondering if she would immediately turn around as she had so many times before or if she would dramatically wait. Either way, he was no longer going to nervously run after her, text her obsessively begging for her return or call her mother crying about her departure.

This time was going to be...

Coping Skills

7 Gifts of Borderline Personality Disorder

A diagnosis doesn’t have to be negative. The very thing that makes a person unique, special, different, and an individual might just fit within one of the diagnostic codes. A gift of music or a talent in sports is celebrated, but aren’t these also things the separate out people from the norm? By definition, a diagnosis is a group of characteristics that are one or more standard deviation from the norm. But so are high...


10 Ways to Improve Mental Functioning

Dolores recently lost her father to complications related to Alzheimer’s. Over the past ten years, she watched her dad deteriorate and become a shell of his former self. By the end, he did not know who she was, could not dress himself, and was on a soft food diet to minimize chocking. She grieved his loss with every decline and now that he was at peace, Dolores decided it was time to take care of...

Coping Skills

Lame Excuses Used to Defend Abusive Behavior

Having grown up in an abusive family and now in a relationship with an abusive person, Bailey believed the lame excuses constantly dished out to her. Beaten down, confused, hazy, and exhausted, she sought out help from a therapist. At first, she could not comprehend that she was the victim of abuse. She thought abuse was only physical but then learned it could also be verbal, emotional, mental, sexual, spiritual, and financial.

One of the steps...