The Exhausted Woman
with Christine Hammond, MS, LMHC


The Obsessive Narcissist: Stopping the Suffocation

Certain professionals such as attorneys, surgeons, and pilots are highly valued for their persistence, myopic focus, and single-minded determination. These traits enable a person to be very successful in environments that not only encourage but reinforce this behavior. After all, no one wants a surgeon who is easily distracted while performing open-heart surgery.

But when this behavior is directed onto a spouse or child, it can become suffocating. Relationships require a bit of finesse, a give...


The Dysfunctional Ways a Family Protects a Narcissist

It wasn’t until college that Susan realized the level of dysfunction in her family. There were signs earlier in her life but the pieces were never put together until she stumbled on the word narcissism. Then, it was as if a dense fog was lifted and everything became clearer.

Everything the family did cater to her narcissistic mother. Her mom was a successful politician who spent continual hours on the phone, in meetings, holding press conferences,...

Coping Skills

10 Hidden Ways a Group Abuses an Individual

Some abuse is obvious: a punch to the face, name-calling, guilt-tripping, physical isolation, and neglect. But others are done in a more calculated, secretive manner. Yet, they can be just as damaging. Even more significant is when the abuse is conducted within a coordinated group setting. This causes the target to feel like it is them against the whole organization.

The individual versus the large unit could be a variety of settings. For instance, it could...


How Narcissistic Bosses Dull Productivity

It took several committee meetings for Jill to put together a thorough proposal for the management of a new department. She did the work under the presumption that her narcissistic boss would be open to suggestions and recommendations from the committee. But even given that liberty, Jill carefully still sought out opinions from those outside the committee and department to ensure that the most accurate information was gathered and properly processed.

She had achieved unanimous agreement...


How a Child Becomes a Narcissist

Last week, a father sent an email to me about his teenage daughter. After reading the characteristics of narcissism, he was concerned that she had narcissistic personality disorder. She would appear to others to be the ideal teenager but at home she acted entitled, superior, and refused to apologize or express any empathy. With her siblings, she was controlling, demanding, bullying, and belittling. She ignored rules, raged over any perceived offense, verbally attacked her family,...


8 Mental Abuse Tactics Narcissists Use at Work

The second Stacey walked into the office, she could feel the tension. Usually, it took hours for the tension to mount but this morning, something was already amiss. As she turned on the lights for the floor, she checked the other offices for signs of life and finding none, she retreated to her desk. Out of nowhere, her boss appeared with the intensity of a lion. With no one there to witness the surprise attack,...


10 People to be Wary of at Work

Sometimes the key to success is in knowing whom to avoid at work. Having the wrong association can be the difference between promotion and demotion. In some cases, the casualty could even be a loss of employment. So how can a person navigate through a different personality? Here are ten types of people to be wary of at work.

Blamers. The boss is fuming over a missed customer call. Mark, who is the service rep,...


12 Survival Tips for Living with a Narcissist

Sometimes leaving a narcissist is not an option. A parent recognizes their adult child as narcissistic but desperately wants to maintain a basic relationship. A spouse is uninclined to leave their narcissistic partner for several reasons such as economic, commitment, or (dare I say) love. A child realizes their parent is a narcissist but is unwilling or unable to cut them out of their life.

So how can a person learn to live with the selfishness,...

Coping Skills

The Repeated Abuse of Sexual Assault Victims

The mistrial of the sexual assault case against Bill Cosby has reignited old stereotypes about rape and abuse. Some new acquaintances of mine, who were unaware of my vocation, commented on their satisfaction with the outcome siting several reasons. Rather than argue my position, I chose to listen to a barrage of ignorance and blame casing.

Their comments of “why did they wait so long,” “so what if he is a public figure, they should have...


How a Narcissist Gets Ahead at Work

Ever wonder how a narcissist charms superiors into granting them a promotion while simultaneously taking advantage of co-workers? Despite the rages with co-workers, their rise to the top occurs in record-breaking time. So how are they able to pull off this feat?

Their tricks are not new; rather they are inherently intertwined within the characteristics of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. This is precisely why their escalation seems so seamless. Here are a couple of examples:

The bolder...