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How Paranoid Is Your Spouse?

Looking back over their 15-year marriage, Andrew began to see the early signs of paranoia in his wife not long after they met. She was overly fearful of new environments, believed her boss was secretly out to get her, and constantly worried that he wasn’t being loyal to her. But he loved her and thought that by marrying her things would get better and her fears would subside.

They did not. Instead, they got worse. To...

Coping Skills

10 Strategies for Coping with an Adult Narcissistic Child

My daughter who is 18 fits most of these (narcissistic) examples. For the last year, after her second suicide attempt, I have probably been way too lenient on her because of my fear of losing her. I truly feel at my wits end with her unfair accusations and manipulative behavior and have now had to reconcile ‘losing her’ in one way or another in order to save myself. She lives with me. How can I...


Addiction: Narcissistic Style

Andrea attended her first group therapy session at an inpatient female rehab facility. She expected there to be other strung out, burnt out woman like herself who were stressed from the conflicting demands of home and work life. But what she didn’t expect was a perfectly put together woman who seemed to have everything perfectly figured out.

When the woman entered the room, everyone couldn’t help but stare. She was immaculately and fashionably dressed, with her...

Children & Teens

Back to School Success Tip: Teach Your Kids Emotional Regulation

Sammy came home from the first week of 5th grade with a large project. His teacher asked the kids to do a presentation on which college they wanted to attend. They were asked to include their major, the reason for picking the school, the requirements for attending, the cost, and any other details that made the school unique. The whole assignment stressed Sammy out and he began to cry when he got home.

His mom was...


How Narcissistic Bosses Turn You into Their Scapegoat

“Get out of my office now,” yelled Mike’s boss as a small paperweight was flung in his direction, hitting the wall next to where Mike was standing. “You’re an incompetent idiot,” was his boss’s parting remark. Mike was shaking from the whole event and not even sure what set his boss off. The unpredictability of his employer’s moods was overwhelming.

Yes, Mike had delivered some bad news. A new client had just recently been dissatisfied and...

Coping Skills

Why It Pays to Fully Heal from Childhood Trauma

Janet reflected on the events of the past several days and instead of being embarrassed by her behavior, she was proud. She had purchased a new computer from a large retailer based on the specs and appearance. But when she began to use it, she discovered the store had done a bait and switch. They told her one thing about the product and sold her something completely different. After doing several rounds with their customer...


9 Quick Mid-Day Recharges You Can Use Without Using Caffeine

Afternoon coffee breaks when the stress of a workday peaks but the energy diminishes are a real thing. However, too much caffeine does not do the body any good. Instead of grabbing another cup, try these nine ways to recharge and finish the day strong.

Do a mini meditation. For five minutes, close your eyes and focus on your breath. Feel the air come into your body and exit it. Try breathing more deeply each...


Parental Alienation: A Narcissist’s Objective

Frustrated over the financial outcome of her divorce, Maria passively-aggressively told her two kids, “I can’t afford anything, go ask your dad, he has all the money.” At first, her kids expressed disappointment which allowed them to bond with Maria’s self-imposed victimization from the settlement. But as soon as that diminished and her kids failed to show any further concern or give Maria attention, she escalated. “Your dad stole from me,” she started saying instead,...

Children & Teens

What Parental Alienation Is and Is Not

There is hardly a day that doesn’t go by in my counseling practice where someone brings up the concept of parental alienation. The problem is that the term is frequently misused. For some, it is a catch phrase used to describe any and all poor parent/child relationships. After all, it is far easier to blame the ex-spouse for the child’s poor behavior than it is to look at one’s self. This article is an attempt...

Coping Skills

10 Common Signs of a Personality Disorder

Throughout their lifetime, everyone is likely to encounter several people within their family, relationships, friendships, and work environments who have a Personality Disorder (PD).

As a general rule, people with personality disorders tend to be difficult to deal with and manage, argumentative, stubborn, and frustrating. A person with a PD has an inaccurate perception of reality which is pervasive in every environment and is not diagnosed until 18 years old. However, there always is a previous...