The Exhausted Woman
with Christine Hammond, MS, LMHC


Danger Ahead: The Delusional Narcissist

A few days ago, I received a desperate phone call from my dear friend, Angie. Her narcissistic ex-husband texted life-threatening messages to her new husband. This wasn’t the first time she or he had been threatened, however this time the intimidation tactic was specific, graphics, and within the realm of possibility. The police were notified and appropriate protection was put into place to ensure her family’s safety.

But the question remains: How does a narcissist go from appearing so...


Normal Stress Reactions after a Traumatic Event

As I was headed towards a parking lot after leaving a downtown office, I witnessed a woman be struck by a pick-up truck no more than 10 feet in front of me. She walked onto on-coming traffic on a road with a speed limit of 40 mph. The driver did not expect her to be there as there was no crosswalk or intersection in front of him. There was a slight drizzle outside and everyone...

Coping Skills

Difference between PTSD reactions and Borderline Personality Disorder

The first couple of therapy sessions with Trina were rollercoaster rides. One second she was excited about a new job and all of the possibilities it presented. The next she was anxious and overwhelmed from being a caretaker to her mother. Then she was nervous and depressed over the thought that her long-time partner might leave her. Despite several attempts to help her regulate the extremes of her emotional responses, she continued to experience intense...

Coping Skills

The Secret Lie of Narcissism

Beneath all of that bravado and charm lies a hidden secret the narcissist doesn’t want you to find. They will do anything to protect their secret from you.

They might lie about it.  Or they might divert your attention with an innovative story. Or they might project their secret onto you. Come close to figuring it out and the result is warfare for control.

Narcissists will use all types of abuse to dominate. They use verbal (...

Coping Skills

What is Senior Abuse?

At 72 years old, Susan came into therapy for the first time at the insistence of her daughter. For nearly a decade, Susan’s son had been living with her and living off her limited social security income. Her son was capable of getting a job but had difficulty maintaining employment. After a visit to Susan’s house, her daughter became afraid that their might be some other abusive behavior.

Susan insisted that this was not the case,...


Difference between a Highly Sensitive Person and Borderline Personality Disorder

Dan came into his therapist’s office convinced his wife had Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). After reading several articles and blogs on the internet, he diagnosed her erratic behavior, heightened sensitivity, occasional outbursts, and mood swings as evidence of BPD. He desperately wanted the therapist to affirm his analysis, confront his wife and “make her better”.

Having met his wife already, the therapist was not convinced of his perspective. But because he was so insistent, the therapist...

Coping Skills

How to Survive a Divorce with a Narcissist

After 15 years of marriage to her narcissistic husband, Jane finally asked for a divorce. They had been growing apart for the last 10 years and neither of them could have a simple conversation without it escalating into verbal assaults. Since her husband had mentioned divorce several times, Jane thought the process would be simple. But it wasn’t.

The further the divorce progressed, the more insane things became. Jane had witnessed her husband transform from yelling...


The 3 Main Types of Exhaustion

“I’m so exhausted,” Stephanie said as she sat down on her therapist’s couch. “I can’t seem to get a grip on my life.” As she began to recount the events over the past few days, her exhaustion was pervasive at work and home. She overreacted to a missed appointment with threats of firing her assistant. She nearly drove another car off the interstate after being cut-off earlier. And she forgot about her daughter’s dance recital....

Coping Skills

A Narcissist’s Hidden Shame

Angela and Neal had been married for ten years when the truth about her past started to surface. Neal thought she came to the United States to get better life from her country of origin, Serbia. She told him stories of living on the streets, being physically abused by family members, and a chaotic nation with no hope for a healthy future. He believed her without ever checking her facts or even meeting any of...

Coping Skills

Loneliness: A Constant Battle Seen with Personality Disorders

John regularly told his wife, Jane, “I feel all alone in this world (within our family, at my job, or in our neighborhood).” At the beginning of their marriage, Jane erroneously believed that she could fill that void in his life and went to great lengths to demonstrate that John was not alone. However, he would have only temporary relief at best and in most cases, her efforts were never enough to stop the comments. ...