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The Scariest of Personalities – Narcissistic Mothers

Ever wonder what makes Cinderella’s stepmother, Snow White’s stepmother, and Rapunzel’s adopted mother so evil? They are the most hated of characters precisely because their mothering instincts are contrary to a nurturing mother. Cinderella’s stepmother is a humiliating narcissistic parent who neglected and snubbed her daughter after the trauma of losing her father. Snow White’s stepmother is a narcissistic cutthroat parent obsessed with comparing her beauty to that of her daughter and trying to kill...


10 Unusual Signs of Depression

Depression is a tricky thing. What might seem like a typical sign and symptom of depression might not be. Here are ten unusual signs of depression. A person might:

Have the ability to hyper-focus for long periods of time even to the point of giving up depression is struggling to keep on task and staying focused. The mind wanders, making the simplest of jobs take unusually long periods of time.
Feel like they...


Lacking Motivation? Try This

“There's so little time and so much to do,” are lyrics from Grammy-winning jazz singer and composer Louis Armstrong. As a charismatic trumpet player, his career spanned five decades beginning in the 1920s. While his can-do philosophy probably inspired the lyrics for the song So Little Time, even people who lack motivation feel the pressure of time and work.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not like a person doesn’t know what needs to be...

Coping Skills

Can a Narcissist’s Deception be Harmful to Millions of People?

Narcissists have the ability to charmingly convince people of anything they want to convey. Their manner of speech, intertwined with shallow flattery and a flashy smile, is woven with truths, half-truths, and fiction. While this might gain media attention for the pure entertainment value and seemingly innocent, it does have the potential to cause harm on a large scale.

This concept is clearly demonstrated in the movie Denial which was released in September 2016. This...


The Huge Frustration of Personality Tests

Ok, I admit it. I have a love/hate relationship with personality tests. And sadly, the tests that are most loved are the silly ones like: which Star Wars, Disney princess, or Harry Potter character are you? As a cross between Darth Vader, Tiana (Princess and the Frog), and Dumbledore, I’m not sure if I should be wearing all black, dressy white fur, or a colorful robe. What these characters have in common is unclear, but...


How to Win over an Angry Narcissist

The other day I received a phone call from a narcissist raging over something that just occurred. Within 30 minutes, the narcissist had completely calmed down, the situation had radically deescalated, and there was a clear path forward. Even I, as someone who works with narcissists regularly, was shocked by the dramatic turnaround.

Did I just get lucky or was there some method that could be duplicated? After much analysis and a quick refresher course...

Coping Skills

How Narcissists and Hurricanes are Alike

As a 25-year resident of Florida, this latest hurricane is the fifth one I’ve lived through. While there have been countless tropical storms and tornadoes, nothing compares to hurricane-force winds, except, of course, narcissists.

Their reputation precedes them. If there is ever an ideal time to release a self-deprecating scandal to the news media, it is during the preparations for a hurricane. With reminders of previous hurricanes and their subsequent damage, predictions of the current path...

Children & Teens

Ten Rules for Effective Co-Parenting

As if things weren’t bad enough before the divorce and during the divorce, now the hard part of co-parenting begins. Co-parents are a child's legal parents or guardians. There are many combinations of co-parenting. A biological parent with a grandparent guardian, two biological parents, or adoptive parents are just a few examples. Whatever the situation, having a few guidelines for moving forward can save time, energy, and money spent on future mediation.

It’s all...

Children & Teens

The Art of Listening to a Teenage Rant

The complaint from a teenager begins somewhat rationally. A project has no real application to a subject matter or life in general. A friend is overly critical when support is needed. Or a teacher instructs only one way, leaving kids with different learning styles out in the cold. Then without warning, things escalate and become unreasonable. Now school does nothing for students. There are no true friendships. Or everyone wants them to fail.

It is...


‘Image’ is Everything’ or Is It?

Back in the 1990s, tennis pro Andre Agassi said “Image is everything” for a TV commercial. While Agassi was merely reciting a line, the phrase stuck a chord with audiences and soon it was integrated into American culture. Coaches, marketing experts, media relations, and politicians all adhere religiously to this standard. And there is no clearer demonstration of this impact then the proliferation of social media.

The Problem. But just because something is accepted in a...