The Exhausted Woman
with Christine Hammond, MS, LMHC


The Paranoid Narcissist: An Amalgamation of Frustration

She was impossible to console. Larry tried to reassure her that the stove was not on when they left the house. But his wife refused his reassurance. She accused him of lying and then turning on the stove before they left so the house would burn down by the time they returned. Larry tried to use logic by asking how he would benefit from losing all of his possessions, not to mention hers. "It's your...


8 Lessons from Living with Dyslexia

It wasn’t unusual for my mother to receive a note from one of my teachers when I was a child. The notes were filled with comments about me talking too much, interrupting the class, causing a disruption, not doing my homework/classwork, or picking on another kid. So, in 3rd grade, when my teacher handed me yet another note to take home to my mother, I wasn’t surprised. I spent the entire walk home that day...


10 Types of Friends to Avoid

The friendship starts off great. A casual encounter sparks a conversation that turns into coffee, cocktails, and then double date. There is a natural connection with mutual likes, acquaintances, and even occupations. Yet, something is off. All logic dictates that this should be the start of a beautiful friendship so what is the problem? Sometimes the key to a great relationship is in knowing whom to avoid. The wrong friend can be the difference between...


13 Reasons Why Therapy Is Not Effective

Over the course of my career counseling thousands of clients with everything from mild anxiety to severe personality disorders with criminal behavior, I have come to realize that therapy doesn’t work for everyone. It does, of course, work for anyone who is invested, willing to put in the time, patience, and energy to make it work. Regardless of the disorder or level of intensity, anyone can get better, if they choose.

Unfortunately, it is not just...


What is Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy?

Kelly Gant, a Colorado mother, was charged with 13 criminal counts for the 2017 death of her 7-year-old daughter, Olivia. Olivia was a Make-a-Wish recipient in which she was dressed up as a “Bat Princess” so she could rescue Disney princesses from their villains. Her mother claimed that Olivia had a terminal illness that attacked her body’s vital organs.

After several treatments, Olivia was placed in hospice and died. It is now suspected that Kelly has...


What is Munchausen Syndrome?

Bill’s medical doctor sent him into counseling after several test results verified that his pain was not physical. Over the course of several sessions, Bill’s therapist began to discover the underlying reason for his pain. He has accumulated grief in several parts of his body. As a child, Bill was told that he could not express any hurt, pain, frustration, sadness, or anger. So, Bill stuffed his emotions which resulted in intense pain as he...


Is Your Spouse Constantly Lonely?

Ann regularly told her husband, Andrew, “I feel all alone in this world (within our family, at my job, or in our neighborhood).” At the beginning of their marriage, Andrew erroneously believed that he could fill that void in her life and went to great lengths to demonstrate that Ann was not alone. However, she would have only temporary relief at best and in most cases, his efforts were never enough to stop the comments. ...


My Spouse is a Narcissist, Now What?

After reading several articles on narcissism, Kaitlyn realized that her husband was one. She knew that something was off for years but couldn’t put her finger on it. She fell in love immediately with him and within months, they were married. She thought she met the perfect person, he was charming, attentive, and sensitive. But shortly after the marriage, things changed.

It seemed like overnight he went from charming to demanding, attentive to dismissive, and sensitive...


How to Talk to a Person Who Has Been Raped

The numerous sexual assault cases that stemmed from the MeToo movement has reignited old stereotypes about rape and abuse. Some new acquaintances of mine, who were unaware of my vocation, commented on their dissatisfaction with the outing of several public figures. Rather than argue my position, I chose to listen to a barrage of ignorance and blame casing. After all, my primary job is to listen and begin from a place of understanding. However, even...


29 Manipulative Text Messages

Bill was frustrated. The more he tried to converse via text with his ex-wife and kids, the worse things got. He was advised to utilize text messages rather than verbal communication to have a record of what was agreed upon, clear up any confusion, and minimize the verbal assaults. However, his ex-wife found a way to manipulate him through text messages. Worse yet, she taught her kids the same tactics.

Abuse comes in many forms. The...