The Exhausted Woman
with Christine Hammond, MS, LMHC

Coping Skills

Advice from a Friend Going Through Chemo

I must admit that when my friend shared she had cancer, it evoked vast amounts of fear mostly because my understanding was lacking in this area. But now with the advancement of many medications, surgical procedures, types of chemotherapy or radiation, various treatment options, and many cases of cancer survivors, many forms of cancer are no longer as intimidating.

Yet walking through this with my friend for the first time was daunting. While each...


Why Are There So Many Narcissists?

Narcissism seems to be on the rise. Teachers are frustrated by children who believe they are entitled to an excellent grade for substandard work. Parents are annoyed by teens who believe they are wiser than their elders. Employers are aggravated by employees who believe the rules don’t apply to them. Spouses are shocked when the charming person they married turns into a raging bully.

“The children now love luxury. They have bad...


How to Know If Someone Has Really Changed

It can be difficult to assess between temporary shifts in a person’s character from more permanent transformations. Early on, both look very similar with immediate adjustments, periodic relapses, and hopeful promises. After a year, time becomes the best indicator of continued change. But when a marriage, vocation or family hinges on sustained modification of behavior, it is extremely important to know the difference quickly. So how can a person discern between...


How to Divorce a Passive-Aggressive Spouse

The usual hostility that divorce equally brings in couples is not as apparent when a passive-aggressive (PA) person is involved. Instead, the non-passive-aggressive person will appear to be irrationally raging over numerous accusations while the PA appears calm and rational. The PA’s outward emotionless demeanor further aggravates the situation while their inward fuming anger is waiting to be unleashed.

Typical divorce strategies are ineffective when confronted with a PA. Their particular cycle of pushing...

Coping Skills

Understanding Passive-Aggressive Personality Trait

Passive-aggressive anger is first passive meaning the person is angry but doesn’t express it and then aggressive through refusing to do something later. This can manifest through forgetfulness, procrastination, or malicious gossip. The personality trait, by contrast, is an expansion of this concept. A passive-aggressive person does this behavior all the time and it is not exclusive to the emotion of anger.

According to the DSM-V, passive aggressive personality disorder is not...

Children & Teens

How Predators Use Social Media to Groom Victims

Potential harm from a seemingly innocent social media connect is just a few step away. Here are the steps predators use to groom victims.

Silent Stalk – Social media is the perfect environment for predators to sift through potential targets. The more difficult prey place security restrictions on who can view their posts, are careful not to over expose, and don’t accept request from strangers. Potential victims do the opposite. This allows...

Children & Teens

#1 Worst Parenting Mistake

Whether the child is 2 or 17 years old, the worst parenting mistake a parent can make is not listening. This presents in a variety of formats.

Not listening to their boundaries. When the child has said they don’t want to talk anymore, listen and give them a break. They might need time to process what has already been said before they can respond any further. Explain that the issue might need to...


How to Divorce a Narcissist

Divorcing a narcissist is grueling because they refuse to be on the receiving end of someone leaving them. Their superior narcissistic ego will not allow the possibility that there might be something wrong with them. So they try numerous push away abusive tactics followed by pull closer romantic methods to keep the spouse from separating. But, in contrast, if the narcissist decides to go then there is no stopping them.

Due to the exhausting...