The Exhausted Woman
with Christine Hammond, MS, LMHC


How Forgiveness Changes a Person

Forgiveness is often prescribed as a remedy for healing from a traumatic experience. It is a very effective tool in bringing closure. Instead of remaining a victim, the offended person can regain control over a trauma by choosing a forgiving response. In many ways this destroys the offender's influence over the life of another and reinforces the empowerment of the offended.

However, too often forgiveness becomes a task on the counseling...

Coping Skills

How to Handle Controlling People

Can controlling people be successfully managed? It depends on the type of behavior and the willingness to try several tactics. A controller can be a friend, neighbor, boss, co-worker, spouse, or parent. Here are several ways to effectively deal with them.

Identify the type of controlling behavior. There are many ways a person can be unscrupulous. They can tell lies about the victim’s family members or friends in an attempt to create...


30 Different Types of Controlling People

“This person is so controlling,” is stated about someone who instructs others on who they are, how they feel, what to think, and how to act. It is exhausting to be around this type of person. But how do they operate? Controllers tend to use the same tactic over and over in multiple environments. Once a person catches onto the method, it becomes easier to dodge. Here are 30 examples.

Aggressive – Physical...


Reasons to Consider Utilizing Behavioral Hospitals

Ever wondered if a behavioral hospital might be a good idea? These facilities are designed to help: an out of control addict, an unusually intense manic episode, a desire and means to commit suicide, a severely abused victim, a troubled teen who threatens to harm others, an intense anger rage, a person hallucinating, or a sudden on-set of confusion and disorganized speech. This following is a list of benefits from hospitalization.

Highlights the...

Coping Skills

Lies Abusers Tell Their Victims

Ever wondered what abuse sounds like? What do abusers say to their victims to get them to acquiesce? Some of the statements listed below might even sound acceptable in certain environments, but they are not. Abusive behavior is pervasive and without awareness, it will continue.

There are seven major types of abuse.

Physical abuse is intimidation, isolation, restraint, aggression, and endangerment.
Mental abuse is gaslighting, silence, manipulation, and victimization.


Tips for Managing Daily ADD Behavior

One of the challenges of attention deficit disorder (ADD) is taking the first real step.  There are the many false starts such as organizing a desk, sharpening all of the pencils (because one is never enough), going to the bathroom, adjusting the lighting, and checking email again. But in actuality, the task at hand has not begun.  Rather, ADD has resulted in beginning to prepare to start and before they know it, time disappears and...

Coping Skills

Where “I’m Not Good Enough” Comes From

It is amazing how the words a person speaks can become their reality. It begins with a thought tossed around in the head and the more weight it is given, the more power it has. Think something often enough and eventually it comes out of the mouth. At first it is a dismissive statement but without counteraction, it is spoken more frequently. Once stated, the words carry a self-fulfilling prophesy which becomes...


7 Tips to Overcome Goal Setting Frustration

As part of a standard team meeting at work, I was asked to write down new goals for this year and the next five years. This is not an unusual request. In the past, such an activity was enjoyable and even exciting. Dreaming about the possibilities for the future was stimulating, but not this year. Just the thought of such an exercise created anxiety and even a touch of depression.

Why? The last few years...


7 Reasons Why Narcissists Love People Pleasers

The strong attraction between narcissists and people pleasers is no accident. There is a magnetic pull between the two that is very difficult to break because each is meeting a deep need of the other. This is not the fault of one over the other. Rather, it is an unhealthy union that breeds dysfunction.

Narcissism demands to be fed and people pleasers are the best source. Contrary to the outward appearance of self-reliance, determination,...

Children & Teens

Three Ways Parents Create Anger in Kids

The best way to understand this concept is through a story. Ulla complained about her 6-year-old son’s angry behavior so she brought him in for an appointment. At first he seemed fine but then threw a temper tantrum when he did not get his way. “You make me so angry,” he said in direct reference to his mother.

But Ulla believed that no one can “make” you angry unless you give them that right. So...