The Exhausted Woman
with Christine Hammond, MS, LMHC


Why Old Abuse is Triggered

Anne was a successful competitive swimmer growing up but abruptly gave it up in high school. Her explanation for abandoning the sport she loved was strange, yet her family and friends accepted the dramatic shift in interests. She said she never looked back. Now, however, as a wife and mother, Anne was suddenly struck with memories from her swimming days.

The memories were haunting as she started to remember being molested by her swimming coach. At...


How Do Deceptive People Get Away with It?

David was the charismatic leader of a large not-for-profit organization which gave aid and care for the homeless. Over the past ten years, his organization, under his energetic leadership, grew substantially as donations increased, new shelters were formed, and thousands of people were assisted. On the surface, things seemed to above board and working well. But it wasn’t.

Discretionary funds kept disappearing and despite the increase in donations and the efficiency of management, the organizations' numbers...


What is Group Psychological Abuse?

It all begins with a group of people. This group is very tight such as found in could be a gang, work environment, cult, religious organization, political party, sorority/fraternity, or really any organized group or close family unit. There is a leader, usually set at a higher level then its members and some type of exclusivity such as a ritual and/or financial commitment to join.

On the surface, everything is fine. But this group is different....


How to Reduce Pre-Hurricane Stress (PHS)

As Hurricane Dorian heads for the Florida shore with an anticipated category 4 center winds of 130-156 miles per hour, anxiety builds in residents. Forecasting the track of the storm is unfortunately not an exact science which only adds to the increased pressure in the air. The whole state is on alert, waiting to see where and when the storm will hit.

The topic of conversation at check-out aisles in overly crowded grocery stores is which...


What to Do When Narcissism Turns Dangerous

Amy believed that her troubles were over after a lengthy divorce from her narcissistic husband. The moment the papers were signed by the judge, she felt free, finally, from his tyranny in her life. But from her narcissistic ex’s perspective, things were just getting heated.

The last several years during the divorce were hell. She endured no financial assistance and lived on food stamps. She tried to get a job but he would block her attempts....


What to Do When Parental Alienation Leads to Estrangement

Shortly after Jonathan’s divorce was finalized, he lost his job. Worried that he would not be able to maintain the alimony and child support payments, he reluctantly took a job four hours away. The timing couldn’t have been any worse.

His ex-wife already blamed him for the problems in their marriage, the intensifying tension in the home, and the unnecessary verbal demands and threats. Yet she said that she wanted the marriage to work but then...


9 Signs Someone at Work Has a Personality Disorder

Ever since Sue started work at the firm, everyone seemed more on edge, even the janitorial staff took cover when they saw her coming. Just her presence added a layer of intensity that wasn’t necessary. Co-workers paused when Sue entered the room as if waiting for an expectant hostile remark and then preparing to take cover. The tension at the firm was so thick, it could be cut with a knife.

Sue was told about her...


How to Counteract Parental Alienation

Since writing an article about parental alienation (What Parental Alienation Is and Is Not), several readers have asked for a follow-up article on how to prevent to minimize the damage of any alienation they have experienced. While others have said that parental alienation doesn’t happen, that it is pop-psychology, and it is not real.

I do agree that parental alienation is not a diagnosable disorder yet. However, to say that it doesn’t...


How to Stop Abusive Thoughts and Emotions

The verbal and mental abuse that Matt experienced during his 15 years of marriage was extreme. His wife would yell calling him names and then ignore him for weeks. She badgered him constantly, lied to him about what happened, manipulated the finances, and alienated him from his kids. The last straw was when one of his kids started treating him the same way his wife did. He asked for a divorce.

After a lengthy and equally...


What is Medical Abuse?

After her car accident, Gretchen was paralyzed from the waist down and confined to a wheelchair. The timing of the accident could not have happened at a worse time. Gretchen was newly divorced and trying to find employment while still suffering from a chronic illness. She poured her whole life into her family and kids, but everything changed. Now, her teenage kids were trying to adjust to living in two houses while still hurt by...