The Exhausted Woman
with Christine Hammond, MS, LMHC

Coping Skills

Crawling through the Stages of Grief

After the loss of their child, Steven and Samantha felt like they couldn’t breathe. Everything hurt as if the entire body took on excessive pain. It took extreme amounts of energy just to move, especially to breathe. Time seemed to stop. They couldn’t talk, words failed them. The voices of other people sounded like muffled noises in a distance. The only constant thoughts were: “Was this real?” and “This must be a bad dream.”

The doctor...

Coping Skills

15 Strategies for Dealing with Difficult People

Allison scrolled through Facebook admiring her friend’s posts. It seemed like everyone was enjoying their time with their family. There were posts of happy family reunions, large family gatherings for meals, joyous celebrations of newborns, and family vacations to wonderful exciting places. How come her life wasn’t like theirs? She felt the seeds of resentment towards her friend s growing with each new post.

Just thinking of the next family gathering could ignite a panic attack....

Coping Skills

The 5 Lies of Suicide

Nineteen years ago, my best friend, Alice, committed suicide. She was beautiful inside and out with a compassionate heart too large for her physical body. As one of the smartest people I knew (with a high IQ to boot), she loved to engage in passionate discussions about her favorite subject: politics. She had more energy than an army of hundreds and would cram more things into one day than most could in a week. She...

Coping Skills

Rewriting the Holidays after Loss

For the first time in 16 years, Janice was going to spend Thanksgiving without her kids. Even though the divorce was finalized in the summer, she did not realize until a week before the holiday that her kids would spend the entire week with her ex. She was devastated. The traditions she so purposefully cultivated were now going to be done by her cheating ex and his very young girlfriend. She was pissed.

James lost his...


A Volatile Combination: Loneliness and the Holidays

It was the first Thanksgiving / Hanukkah without her husband of 47 years. Nothing seemed right. For the first time, she was not hosting either celebration, her daughter and son took the holidays over to relieve her stress. But without the rituals and traditions, Nikki felt more isolated and alone.

As soon as the first sign of Christmas arrived in the stores, Brandy took a deep breath to hold back the flood of dread. She hated...


30 Ways to Jump-start Your New Life

Alex was desperate to move forward after her divorce was finalized. She was so tired of every conversation with her close friends and family beginning with the phrase, “So how’s the divorce coming along?” She wanted to talk about her, not her as a divorcee, but the person underneath the cloak of a bad marriage and a nasty divorce.

Her dreams, likes and dislikes, ambitions, and passions were as forgotten during the divorce as they were...

Coping Skills

7 Steps to Thrive Instead of Survive

Caleb desperately needed a change. Thanks to a nasty, never-ending divorce, he was completely burnt out. His ex was abusive during their marriage and her assault was even worse while divorcing. Not only was the process expensive, but he lost his business as well. Now that it was over, Caleb wanted to stop surviving and begin to thrive.

He knew that the process began with him but was unsure how to start. Caleb longed for the...


Why Divorce Feels Like a Death

Mariah thought, that once the divorce papers were signed, everything would be better and she would finally feel relief. But she didn’t. Somehow, unexpected emotions of remorse, sadness, and guilt piled on top of bitterness, resentment, and frustration intensified. Her confusion caused her to wonder if she made a mistake.

She relived the marriage and divorce desperately seeking answers as to why this happened, what went wrong, and how could things have been dealt with differently....


10 Reasons a Person Divorces

For Megan, getting married was an easier decision than getting a divorce.

Their relationship started so well and seemed so natural that Megan ignored the warning signs her family tried to show her. Now, after three years of being married, she realized that a divorce would be necessary. Making this decision, however, was much harder than she expected.

At the beginning of their marriage, Megan felt the excitement, passion, and desire that a relationship often brings. But...


Spouse Wants to Separate, You Don’t

After 15 years of marriage, Tim’s wife said she wanted to separate. He was shocked. It came out of nowhere. Just the month before they were on a family vacation and now she was asking for a separation? Her reasons were vague at best and the harder he tried to convince her otherwise, the more the difficult conversation escalated. She even mentioned getting a divorce.

It was one of the hardest conversations he had ever experienced,...