The Exhausted Woman
with Christine Hammond, MS, LMHC

Coping Skills

Alzheimer’s: When Love Turns into Pain

Alicia watched the deterioration of her mother’s mind in agony. She wanted it to stop. The emotional pain was overwhelming. Her mother was becoming a shell of who she was and worse yet, her mom was unaware of what was happening. The diagnosis of Alzheimer’s seemed like a death sentence. Alicia wanted the progression of the disorder to slow down or at least pause for a moment. But it didn’t. One day her mom seemed...

Coping Skills

7 Steps Abusers Need to Take with their Victims

After reviewing the 7 types of abusive behavior checklist, Mariah identified the abuse she received as well as the abuse she gave. Her mother was verbally, mentally, and physically abusive with her as a child, something that Mariah pushed aside and did not confront until in therapy. But what really saddened her was becoming aware of how she was passing down some of the same abusive behavior onto her husband and children.

She told herself that...


My 25 Time Management Tips

The other day, one of my interns (I’m a supervisor for mental health students getting their license) asked, “How do you get it all done?”

It is a valid question and I remember being a student and wondering the same thing. When am I going to have time for all of the learning, marketing, and developing a practice and still maintain my sanity, keep my family intact, and enjoy life? How can I possibly add one...

Coping Skills

How to Talk about Narcissism without Saying Narcissism

It was during Tim’s divorce from his wife of 18 years that he realized she had Narcissistic Personality Disorder. She had been a vindictive woman towards others in the past, cutting people off permanently when they accidentally or intentionally embarrassed her. But for some reason, he thought his 18-year marriage commitment would inoculate him from similar treatment. It did not. Even though she agreed to get a divorce, Tim’s filings of the papers seemed to...


Hidden Reasons for Poor Work Performance

This was the third poor performance review that Gretchen received at her job. Her boss was puzzled. Gretchen said she always dreamt of being a designer and finally got this job after working in several other low-end positions. But now that she was here, her performance was far below average.

While there can be socioeconomic reasons for underperformance, after many years of working, a person is usually able to rise above even the most difficult of...

Coping Skills

How to Communicate in Frustrating Situations

Marsha braced herself for the next family gathering because the last one was a complete disaster. She had been away from her family for a couple of years due to her expanding business and wanted to reintegrate. She looked forward to seeing her family and having them see her as an adult and not the child who left. But the harder she tried, the worse things got. She left feeling inferior, defenseless, deflated, and angry...

Coping Skills

The 8 Types of Abusive Behavior

Aaron wrongly believed that the only type of abuse was physical and then only if it left a mark. This is a common misunderstanding in our culture. When he took some time to review the different types of abuse, he realized that he experienced it in his marriage, from his parents, and on occasion was guilty of abusive behavior as well.

There are many other ways a person can be abused. Abuse can be manipulation, exploitation,...


12 Ways to Beat Holiday Stress

Anna was already exhausted. The holidays just began and she was overwhelmed by the pressures on her budget, the extra demands on the schedule, the additions of parties and celebrations, and the excessive stuff in the stores. She tried to be excited about decorating, but it felt more like a chore than a pleasure.

So instead of repeating the craziness of previous seasons, Anna decided to focus on one item per day to change. Here are...

Coping Skills

Crawling through the Stages of Grief

After the loss of their child, Steven and Samantha felt like they couldn’t breathe. Everything hurt as if the entire body took on excessive pain. It took extreme amounts of energy just to move, especially to breathe. Time seemed to stop. They couldn’t talk, words failed them. The voices of other people sounded like muffled noises in a distance. The only constant thoughts were: “Was this real?” and “This must be a bad dream.”

The doctor...

Coping Skills

15 Strategies for Dealing with Difficult People

Allison scrolled through Facebook admiring her friend’s posts. It seemed like everyone was enjoying their time with their family. There were posts of happy family reunions, large family gatherings for meals, joyous celebrations of newborns, and family vacations to wonderful exciting places. How come her life wasn’t like theirs? She felt the seeds of resentment towards her friend s growing with each new post.

Just thinking of the next family gathering could ignite a panic attack....