The Exhausted Woman
with Christine Hammond, MS, LMHC

Coping Skills

7 Reasons Why Good People Do Bad Things

This article is for the rule-followers, the dependable, the overly responsible, and the eager to please. The ones who know what the rules are (legal, social, moral, and economical), try their best to live by them, and often encourage others to do the same. They view themselves as “good” people, which is a perception often reinforced by their family, friends, and co-workers.

As a person who intentionally makes few mistakes, when they do, they are quick...


5 Tips for Surviving Narcissistic In-Laws over the Holidays

As the holidays approached, Heather began to worry about the next encounter with her in-laws. Last Thanksgiving was a complete disaster. After spending days getting their new house ready for the visit, her narcissistic mother-in-law walked in the house and announced, “It’s not that bad.” Heather tried to brush it off, but the comments kept coming.

“Let me help you fix the table,” she said next. Then she proceeded to reorganize the silverware, napkins, and other...

Coping Skills

How to Talk to Someone in Shock

Shock, or Acute Stress Disorder (ASD), is a psychological and emotional stress reaction that occurs when a person experiences or witnesses a traumatic event.  One moment everything is normal, then the event happens, and the person immediately feels fear, stress, pain or panic. The shock is magnified when it is combined with or threatened by a physical injury, death, or destruction.

Some examples include:

Thinking physical symptoms are a bad case of the flu only to...

Coping Skills

How to Begin Healing from a Devastating Hurricane

Hurricane Michael hit Floridians by surprise. What began as a tropical storm early in the week quickly escalated to a rare category 4 hurricane a few days later. The hurricane wind speed was the 4th most powerful to make landfall in the United States. This left families and shops unable to prepare for damage and even less time to evacuate the area. The eye of the storm devastated the Mexico Beach and Panama City, in...

Children & Teens

Are You Obsessive or Compulsive?

Tabitha thought that once she got married her almost irrational fears would subside and she would no longer do some of her “odd” behaviors. Much to her discouragement, however, they did not. Instead, she noticed that she was only getting worse. She was so afraid of losing her husband that she would take three, hour-long showers a day, apply and reapply her make-up several times, and refused to let him see her naked. Fearful of...


The 3 Types of Dissociative Disorders

In the middle of a conversation about weekend plans with her husband, Margaret stood up, waved her finger, and angrily yelled at him. Instead of reacting at the moment as he had done in the past, her husband stayed still. About three minutes later, Margaret returned to her seat, appeared calm again, and picked back up on talking about the weekend.

If this was the first him Margaret’s husband experienced the event, he might have acted...

Coping Skills

Emotional Blackmail: A Subtle Abuse

As the last of her children left for college, Janet realized she was done with her marriage. She had maintained the image of a “perfect family” for too long. It took her several years to get to this point - including many hours with a counselor - but after all that time she was finally here and ready to move forward into a new phase of life. The emotional, mental, verbal, and financial abuse she...

Coping Skills

What is Stockholm Syndrome?

When Bailey began therapy, she had already convinced herself that she was crazy. In her early 20’s, Bailey was still living at home with her brother and mother. She failed her first semester of college, had regular panic attacks, associated herself with unhealthy people, and was barely holding onto her waitress job. Her father also repeatedly told her that she was the cause of all the drama in the house with her irresponsible behavior and...


7 Steps to Helping a Friend Change for the Better

After watching her best friend self-destruct yet again, Emily could no longer stay silent. Their 5-year friendship was on the verge of ending with Emily heading in a positive direction and her best friend destroying her life. Emily confronted her bestie a couple of months ago addressing the excessive drinking, illegal use of pain pills, and her rapidly deteriorating work ethic. But Emily was met with high resistance, so she backed off. Now, Emily was...

Coping Skills

How To Heal From a Narcissistic Parent

The moment Brian first really understood the term Narcissistic Personality Disorder, a light bulb went off in his brain. He spent most of his life thinking he was crazy, lazy, and stupid – three words his father often said about him to other family members and friends. His father also severely and harshly disciplined him, set-up unnecessary competitions in which his dad was the winner, never apologized, showed no empathy even when Brian was hurt,...