The Exhausted Woman
with Christine Hammond, MS, LMHC


What is Decision Fatigue?

After losing a large account over a missed detail in a report, Shaun began to take inventory of his work habits. It was an error that he would normally never miss but he had reviewed the document in the afternoon after a long morning of tough negotiations with another account. Determined to figure this out, Shaun enlisted the help of a coach who pointed out that he might have suffered from decision fatigue.

Defining decide and...


What is Love?

At first, it sounds like a silly question.

Not to Julie. She was trying to pin down a new definition after having been in an abusive relationship for eight years. She wanted love. She wanted to be in love and be loved by someone who treated her right. But the years of abuse had conditioned her to believe that love is painful and not worth the effort. Now after several years in recovery. She wanted to...

Coping Skills

Warning Signs of Deadly Abuse

When asked by her therapist, “Have you ever been abused,” Nicole said, “No”. But then, for a split second, she looked downwards and frowned. Instinctively her therapist knew something was off. A few more minutes of probing revealed a boyfriend with anger problems. During fits of rage, he would destroy her personal property, grab her and not let her go, and call her obscene names. One time, he dragged her out of the car and...


How Narcissists Keep You from Grieving

Margie was devastated when her mother passed away. Her mom was diagnosed with cancer one month and then gone by the next. She had a close relationship with her mom and frequently leaned on her for support in her marriage, parenting her kids, and balancing family and work. The loss left a huge hole in her heart that she tried to grieve but couldn’t.

The day of her mom’s funeral, her husband complained about being sick...


Are You at Risk for Filicide?

On December 19, 2018, Terry Strawn a decorated Florida Hillsborough County sheriff’s deputy, shot and killed his wife and 6-year-old granddaughter at his home. Then he drove to his daughter’s house, killed her and called 911, sending the officers to the school where he worked. When the police arrived, he committed suicide in front of his coworkers.

On October 15, 2018, Cynthia Collier, a home school mom from Columbia Tennessee, killed her four adopted children before...

Children & Teens

What is Sadistic Parenting?

As Monique recounted the abuse from her childhood, it became apparent that the abuse from her mother was not typical. While most abusers follow a pattern of tension building, incident, reconciliation, and calm, her mom did not. The tension building phase was constant with no break or relief from the ensuing harm. The incidents came out of nowhere with no justification or warning. There was no reconciliation phase, instead, Monique endured months of the silent...


How Not to Say, “I’m Sorry”

As a therapist, I hear my clients say, “I’m sorry” frequently. It is done when a person wants to move on to a different topic, when they are not truly remorseful, when they want to pacify their spouse, or when they are feeling defeated. None of these apologies are good because the underlying meaning is not authentic. This does not improve a relationship.

A loving relationship requires some show of remorse for a couple to draw...

Coping Skills

Tips for Avoiding Social Media Addiction

It was in the middle of an argument during a marriage counseling session that Jerry blurted out, “You are more interested in your phone than me.” His frustration had reached the tipping point with his wife as he revealed his insecurity and feelings of disrespect, detachment, and disconnection from her. Jan, his wife, denied his accusation at first but then admitted that she was very involved in social media.

Social media had become a substitute for...

Coping Skills

Alexithymia: A Personality Trait

Dave started going to counseling because his marriage was falling apart. He said that wife had enough of his “lack of presence, no emotional response, and no intimacy.” While he agreed with her analysis, he was unable to describe it for himself and minimized the impact these things played in their marriage. He reasoned that because he was a strong provider, he was already showing love and therefore did not need to do it any...

Coping Skills

Obsessed: Narcissists and Their Food

It wasn’t until Tabitha had dinner at a friend’s house as a teenager that she realized there was something odd about how her family handled food. At her friend’s, there was food with a variety of healthy and even some unhealthy snacks. Her mother didn’t have a lock on the “special food” so no one could have access. Their mealtime was engaging and fun with everyone participating in the conversation. There were no snide remarks...