The Exhausted Woman
with Christine Hammond, MS, LMHC

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50 Excuses for Why People WON’T Change

Recently, I was speaking about the impact of decision fatigue on our daily lives. Decision fatigue is the deterioration of making good decisions after a long day of decision making. Basically, the more decisions a person makes in a day, the worst the decisions tend to be by the end of the day. This concept is especially important for executives, doctors, attorneys, and other professions that require constant unique, not automatic, daily decisions.

Interestingly enough, while...


What It’s Like to be the Daughter of a Sociopath

“I hate him, with every fiber of my being, I hate him,” Marie said as she looked back on her day. “But while I hate him for this moment, I won’t let the hate linger because I’m not going to give him that power over me.” After years of silence, her bio dad sent a package of weight loss tea to her work. It was his way of saying, “Happy Mother’s Day, I see you....


When Mother’s Day Seems Impossible

Elizabeth hadn’t heard from her daughter in years. The rift between them started shortly after her daughter’s marriage. There were signs when her daughter and husband were dating that something was not right. But Elizabeth couldn’t put her finger on it. The harder she tried to figure it out, the further her daughter became. She suspected he was abusive but there was no evidence to prove it and when she confronted her daughter, that was...


Happy or Not-so-happy Narcissistic Mother’s Day

“You can have many spouses, but only ONE mother!” Maureen’s narcissistic mother screamed at her as she left her mother’s house. The intention was good. It was Mother’s Day and Maureen wanted to see her mom. She called her mom the week before, letting her know that she would be stopping by. Her mom seemed excited at first but just before ending the call her mother added, “I don’t know why every day isn’t ‘Mother’s...

Coping Skills

What are Panic Attacks?

As Pam was driving on a highway bridge overpass, she was suddenly struck with the thought that the bridge could collapse and she would die. She had driven on this overpass a dozen times without ever thinking twice about it so she dismissed the thought as ridiculous. But that did not work. Almost immediately, her heart started pounding, she was sweating profusely, her breathing became labored, and felt like she was going to vomit. She...


7 Steps of Change for a Positive Narcissistic Mid-Life Crisis

Chuck knew he was a jerk. He cheated on his wife several times, put his work before his family, rarely went to his kid’s activities, drank heavily on the rare occasions that he was home, and verbally berated anyone who challenged him. And yet, he was a highly successful businessman, intelligent about a wide range of topics, had numerous friends, and was charming (when he wanted to be). Nonetheless, despite getting his way most of...

Coping Skills

11 Traps That Kill Conversation

As Tad hung up the phone, he realized he did it again. He fell for the trap and now it is over. Tad wanted so much to have a relationship with his estranged adult daughter that he kept trying to converse with her. But at nearly every turn, she set a trap for him to get upset or emotional and then she would shut it down saying he was out of control.

Susan experienced something similar...


13 Signs Your Relationship is Dependent

Kevin was looking for reasons to stay late at work to avoid going home. The previous night had so exhausted him that he relished the extra work assignments as excuses to steer clear of his wife of 9 years. The problem was that he missed his kids and wanted to be there to tug them into bed, but he couldn’t handle another four-hour discussion in the middle of the night with his wife.

Not that the...

Coping Skills

What is Emotional Abuse?

Ron was reluctant to start the conversation with his wife, Robin, about their vacation plans this year. In years past, he would take a week off from work to spend it with her family. But her family didn’t like him so returning to work was the only part of the vacation he enjoyed. This year, he wanted it to be different. He wanted a vacation with just his wife and kids and no one else....

Coping Skills

What is Mental Abuse?

Brenda knew something was wrong in her marriage to Bill, but she was unable to put her finger on what. She felt like she was abused but he never hit her, so she minimized and even dismissed any warning indicators that something else was off. She was intentionally exploited by her husband; endured regular insults and rejection, alternating with affirmation; and felt manipulated into doing or saying something out of character.

Abuse is not just physical....