Geopolitics and the Psychopath

The use of propaganda, distraction, and elaborate lies are instrumental in ensuring that beliefs and memories that echo the psychopathic leader’s agenda are retained, while that which doesn’t serve the psychopathic leader, are forgotten.

The need to fit in, to secure a national identity further ensures compliance with this indoctrination.

According to Lobaczewski the basic ignorance and weakness to this conditioning/brainwashing guarantees that the masses will bend to the deified psychopathic leader’s will.

This pathological attachment is a survival strategy that enables dissociation from jarring reality. By disowning inconceivable truths and taking on the psychopath’s perspective, the victim wards off the threat of helplessness, and terror is mitigated. Over time, learned helplessness takes over and passive acceptance of abject criminality occurs.

Destroying the credibility and reputation of a designated target ensures the charismatic psychopath a position of power and control.

By manipulating facts, disseminating ambiguous rumors (doublespeak), and calling the targeted victim’s morals into question, a nefarious narrative devoid of proper context is created.

Divide and Conquer

Triangulation is also a commonly relied upon tactic by psychopaths, designed to pit the masses against the targeted rival, in order to Divide and Conquer.

Relying on confirmation bias, the tendency to interpret information so that it supports preconceptions, psychopaths dupe others into colluding in actualizing his agenda. As the designated target begins to cave under the shame of stigma and the oppression of the smear campaign, a militia of enablers will support the psychopath’s heinous agenda.

For the psychopathic leader to enforce amoral, soulless, calculated schemes, victims ripe for brainwashing are necessary.

When gullible followers succumb to pathological influence, they lose sight of their critical faculties and they lose the ability to distinguish normal human behavior from pathological. This supportive and compliant populace assures that the psychopathic leader will, without interruption, carry out depraved, lawless motives. This situation is what leads to the propagation of macrosocial evil.

To prevent such deception, one must consciously curtail the reflexive deference to authority and question the motives and actions of those in power.

A psychologically informed historical perspective offers proficiency with discerning patterns of fanaticism, oppression and widespread corruption. In a climate of elitism, controlled media, class disparities, pragmatism, and civil liberties violations, becoming informed about the predatory nature of the psychopath is critical to perceiving what lurks beneath the ostensibly principled demeanor of the psychopathic ruler.

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Geopolitics and the Psychopath


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