Private Practice Kickstart
with Miranda Palmer, LMFT
& Kelly Higdon, LMFT

Private Practice AMA: Ask Me. Anything

We are going to keep it simple this week!

Private Practice AMA: Ask Me Anything. Post your private practice questions in the comments below to get expert answers and links to free online private practice resources.

Kelly Higdon & Miranda Palmer are two LMFTs in California...

Business Mindset for Therapists

Therapists: What do you need right now?

We did a virtual private practice retreat with over 120 therapists from all over the country (and the world) last Friday. We heard some common themes from a LOT of therapists

Feeling numb
Feeling overwhelmed
Being overworked
Feeling guilty for decisions they are making
Feeling trapped in scenarios that don't work
Feeling burnt out
Feeling alone

Therapists are so focused on taking care of everyone else, that there is not time left for them. And with everything...

Business Advice for Therapists

Therapists: How Do You Recession Proof Your Practice?

Well before the pandemic began, we started hearing people talking about a possible recession or an "adjustment." Things have been flowing in our economy for several years, and many were predicting something was going to change.

I don't think ANYONE would've predicted a pandemic as a precursor to moving us into a recession.

As therapists, our main focus is often taking care of clients and focusing on their needs in...

Business Mindset for Therapists

Avoiding Burnout as a Therapist During a Pandemic

Therapists have been at greater risk for burnout well before the global pandemic started. And now, the pandemic has had therapists navigating issues like:

Transitioning to telehealth over a weekend
Trying to find PPE and sanitizer for their offices
Managing clients' frustrations with telehealth
Navigating what to do with clients who really need in-person work
Keeping their clients and family safe if/when they are still providing in-person services
Insurance company reimbursements being...

Business Mindset for Therapists

Marketing Masterclass for Therapists: FREE CEUS for Counselors & Psychologists

Your practice is needed and important right now and in the future. Your communities need you to show up and be seen. But, in the midst of everything going on, you might be wondering how to market effectively, or even if you should market.

We developed a 4-part Marketing Masterclass for Therapists to help you get CRYSTAL clear on how to market in a way that serves your communities and that improves your outcomes. The entire masterclass is...

Business Advice for Therapists

Private Practice: Marketing & Sustaining During a Pandemic

People are struggling with life and relationships now more than ever. There are so many beautiful gifts within this terrible pandemic, and one is that mental health is coming front and center, losing its stigma, and regulations are being rapidly changed to ensure people have access to quality mental health care. Why? Because we all need it, right now, more than ever. But we have questions and fears.

• Why aren't...

Covid 19 guidelines for therapists

Whether you are currently in an area where more stringent guidelines have been set by your local government or not, there are real questions coming up for therapists in private practice, such as:

How to transition to telehealth, and how to find...

Business Mindset for Therapists

Online Therapy Clinic for Eating Disorders

Did you know that an estimated 10 million men and 20 million women will experience living with an eating disorder at some point in their lives? And although eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental health disorder, it

is estimated only 20% of people with eating disorders actually receive treatment. Eating disorders are a public health crisis. However, through increased awareness about early warning signs and symptoms of eating disorders, combined with improved...

Private Practice Business

Why I Started a Trauma Therapy Clinic in North Carolina

Working with trauma patients can be heavy work, but Tabitha Westbrook shares how she knew this niche was right for her from the start.  She has used important research and resources to help her develop a practice that both speaks to her and helps people heal through all levels of trauma.
Why did you decide to become a counselor?
We have to step in the way back machine for this question! When I was...