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Business Mindset for Therapists

Marketing Masterclass for Therapists: FREE CEUS for Counselors & Psychologists

Your practice is needed and important right now and in the future. Your communities need you to show up and be seen. But, in the midst of everything going on, you might be wondering how to market effectively, or even if you should market.

We developed a 4-part Marketing Masterclass for Therapists to help you get CRYSTAL clear on how to market in a way that serves your communities and that improves your outcomes. The entire masterclass is...

Business Advice for Therapists

Private Practice: Marketing & Sustaining During a Pandemic

People are struggling with life and relationships now more than ever. There are so many beautiful gifts within this terrible pandemic, and one is that mental health is coming front and center, losing its stigma, and regulations are being rapidly changed to ensure people have access to quality mental health care. Why? Because we all need it, right now, more than ever. But we have questions and fears.

• Why aren't...

Business Mindset for Therapists

Online Therapy Clinic for Eating Disorders

Did you know that an estimated 10 million men and 20 million women will experience living with an eating disorder at some point in their lives? And although eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental health disorder, it

is estimated only 20% of people with eating disorders actually receive treatment. Eating disorders are a public health crisis. However, through increased awareness about early warning signs and symptoms of eating disorders, combined with improved...

Private Practice Business

Why I Started a Trauma Therapy Clinic in North Carolina

Working with trauma patients can be heavy work, but Tabitha Westbrook shares how she knew this niche was right for her from the start.  She has used important research and resources to help her develop a practice that both speaks to her and helps people heal through all levels of trauma.
Why did you decide to become a counselor?
We have to step in the way back machine for this question! When I was...

Business Advice for Therapists

Is Private Practice the Cure for Burnt Out Mental Health Professionals?

If you are in mental health, the statistics say you are at risk for burnout. Once burnout hits it can be difficult to get out of the cycle of burnout syndrome. Systemic issues and cultural norms that put mental health professionals at risk for burnout don't magically dissipate when you start to have symptoms. Many therapists explore a few main options:

Finding a new "healthy job" with a healthier work...

Business Mindset for Therapists

Starting a Counseling Practice for Kids, Teens, and College Students in St. Louis, MO

Yes, you can have a child therapy practice and not spend every evening in the office!  Starting a counseling practice working with kids can be an intimidating process. Kelsey Torgenson shares how she created a niche practice working with anxious kids in this interview.
Why did you decide to become a psychotherapist?
I decided to become a therapist my second year of college, and I can even remember the specific moment. I was sitting...

Starting a Counseling Practice

Starting an Online Psychoanalaysis Office in Dublin, Ireland

Why did you decide to become a psychotherapist?

Before training as a psychotherapist, I had a career in international development so was fortunate to travel to many countries and interact with people from many different cultures. During this work it became clear that despite the huge variety of circumstances and backgrounds the people I met came from, so many of their concerns were similar – they were stressed with work, fighting with a loved one, anxious, in...

Private Practice Q&A: What do you need to know to get started in private practice?

We love helping therapists who are starting, growing, or revamping their private practices and answering their private practice questions. We've written hundreds of articles for PsychCentral, other online resources for therapists, and on our own private practice blog.

Today, I thought we'd do something a little different to give back- a free private practice question and answer. Post your private questions below in the comments, and I will answer your questions here in the blog or point you to blogs we've already written on...