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Moving Beyond The Couch

Moving Beyond the Couch for Therapists,Once you have established a practice, your 1:1 sessions are steady and filled, have you arrived? Are you done building your business?

For some of you, this is the ultimate goal. Nothing more would make you happy and complete. Others of you, once you have arrived to this point, begin to wonder how to reduce your 1:1 but still help more people and work less. Is this even possible in our field?

Therapists have tons of untapped potential when it comes to moving their practices from beyond the couch. It is one of the creative aspects of our work – finding different ways of helping people. 1:1 is merely a component of what we do. Already in your practice you probably see this in effect. You see couples, families, maybe you consult,  provide supervision, or teach. So simply what changes as you move from 1:1 is the modality in which you provide the information and its ability to reach more people.

Why even consider it?

You want to do more but not burn out in the process. With your time limitation and energy limitations, to be able to create something that helps more people and that you don’t have to replicate each time with each person, means you preserve your livelihood. To have a program like our bootcamp, where we have pre-recorded modules and a group live component means we have helped hundreds of people when otherwise we could really only help a few in a one on one session. It gives us flexibility with our time. Our clients are working on their businesses and lives while I am at home playing with my daughter. That is a win-win. Beyond the couch only makes sense if it is best for the clients and best for you. If you are doing something for quick cash but not providing value, then you are in the wrong place. When you change lives and enhance your own at the same time – then beyond the couch is the best idea ever for you!

How do you do it?

The answer to that is a bit complicated because, there are many ways to go beyond the couch. Each have their pros and cons but here are just a few ideas:

  • Writing books or ebooks
  • Creating online courses or trainings
  • Hosting retreats or intensives
  • Speaking
  • Packages with experiential components
  • Groups

When choosing what to do, focus on your expertise and the best format to help people. Some of you are not great at speaking, so maybe an online course might be more up your alley. Others of you are quick witted writers, an ebook is something to consider. Either way, understand, this is moving beyond the couch – this is beyond therapy. It can be therapy if it adheres to your legal and ethical boundaries, but it isn’t always therapy.  Sometimes this falls more into education and support for people. You have to remain ethical in whatever you choose and be clear about the boundaries. Just a friendly reminder 🙂 So pick a modality according to your personality and strengths and use that modality to demonstrate your expertise and help others.

Will it be successful?

The key to being successful in moving beyond the couch is to have a process for your marketing, provide excellent value in your offer, and to target the people that are best suited for working with you. The idea of passive income, if you can’t tell, is that it isn’t so passive, especially in the beginning. Once you have everything created and your marketing flowing it will begin to be more passive. But in the beginning, it takes more work and effort. You may need to raise your rates in your practice and see a few less clients to create the space to add this to your business plan. But if it is part of your plan, it will be worth it.

How do I know if I am ready?

  • You understand your business and how it works. You already have processes in place that make running your business smooth and easy.
  • You don’t live with a feast or famine mentality. You know how to prepare for the slow times (if there are any), vacations, and retirement. You feel steady in the midst of small changes on your client load.
  • You see a better way. There are things you repeat over and over to people, that if only you could teach in one place, you could help more people. Your creative juices are flowing.
  • You are willing to invest in gaining knowledge on how to create something beyond the couch. There are aspects that you may not understand, but that won’t stop you from your vision.

This is one of the most exciting things I get to help professionals develop because of the impact it can make on not only the world but on the therapist as a whole.  I want to know, have you moved beyond the couch and if so, how did you do it? Share below.


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Moving Beyond The Couch

Kelly Higdon, LMFT

Kelly Higdon, LMFT is a private practice expert that believes therapists are some of the most important healers in the world. She teaches therapists how to grow successful businesses from scratch and to move beyond the couch with multiple streams of income. Get to know Kelly better through her free private practice marketing trainings, the Business School Bootcamp for therapists, or through private practice consultation.


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