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Private Practice Kickstart
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Free Training: How to Set Fees in Private Practice

how to set fees in private practiceTherapists in Private Practice

The truth is many therapists in private practice aren’t making a lot of money. Some common explanations for this fact that I hear repeatedly are:

  • Our culture doesn’t value therapy
  • I can’t get on “fill in the blank” insurance company’s panel
  • Insurance companies have reduced reimbursements
  • There aren’t enough clients in my area
  • Nobody will pay “fill in the blank” for therapy

I work with therapists all over the world, and haven’t found that the above issues keep them from making money. Some of the above issues are things that inform your private practice business plan, and some of them are just silly old myths.

The other truth is, many therapists in private practice ARE making a great income. Some may explain this away to say it is luck, geography, etc. However, I say it is good business planning.

The hallmark of a good business plan is a way to bring in income. As therapists, our main source of income is fee for our services.  So, the setting and charging of your fee can make or break your practice.

Join us for a live webinar training where we will help you determine the right fee for your individual practice. Don’t worry- we will make it simple and you will walk away with new insights. We’ve trained on this topic before and have never gotten so many e-mails and so much feedback that learning about this topic was truly transformational for the therapists that attended.

We won’t be offering a recording of this training. Why? Because we find again and again that people who attend our trainings live experience more learning and personal transformation! The training is free, the one thing we will ask you to invest is your time.

Whether you are just starting a private practice, reviving a private practice, or trying to head off burn out by working smarter instead of harder- we can’t wait to see you there! Wondering if we really know what we are talking about? Just ask any of our Business School Bootcamp for Therapists alumni about how their businesses and lives have changed after completing the bootcamp!


Free Private Practice Library for Therapists
Free Private Practice Library for Therapists

Click here to access the free How to Set Fees training for therapists and more in the Private Practice Library!


Free Training: How to Set Fees in Private Practice


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