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Resources for Building A Private Practice

PRIVATE PRACTICE BUILDINGNew information is popping up everywhere in an effort to help you build a successful private practice. So we thought it would be nice to take a poll of some of the latest and greatest resources for you. While there are many other resources, this is a highlight of what other therapists like you are utilizing in their practices.


It’s a wonderful thing to have an expert by your side giving your guidance as your start or grow your private practice. With coaching you can find various formats from online support groups to one on one meetings. Here are a list of some of the coaches mentioned.

Julie De Azevedo Hanks

“I have hired coaches like Julie Acevedo-Hanks and participated in group coaching classes with Casey Truffo, read books like Be a Wealthy Therapist, and connected with like-minded professionals in my community and in non-therapy fields on a regular basis. I joined therapists’ groups on Facebook and learn a lot from reading the posts and questions. I also get support from my colleagues and we bounce ideas back and forth and collaborate together on workshops or other networking opportunities.” Jessica Marchena, LMHC

Joseph Sanok

“I love Joseph R. Sanok because he is clear in his statements, he offers a podcast which I love, but he offers a email step by step, and he is approachable.” Sherry Shockey-Pope

Tamara Suttle

“I go to Tamara Suttle’s site  and also talk with Tamara about starting a successful PP. Tamara has been in the trenches, talks straight, and asks great questions to help get my own brain percolating about what my vision of a PP is.” Barbara Sheehan Zeidler

Joe Bavonese

“My first and foremost program was Joe Bavonese with Uncommon Practices. I really appreciated how he distilled down massive quantities of marketing information and filtered it through the needs of therapists.” John Sovec

Kelly + Miranda

“I saw my energy level going from hopeless to feeling more empowered… I am reclaiming my years of business experience that for, some reason, stopped to a certain extent when I moved into the field of private practice, psychotherapy.” Nancy Rhine

Amongst other coaches mentioned there is Casey TruffoKeri NolaCamille McDaniel, and Deb Legge. Do you have a coach you love? Post below and share their information.


Reading a book makes the learning process easy for anyone building a private practice. You have a tangible reference in your hands to use at any time. Here are a few books that have inspired others.

“I’ve used a lot of coaches. Casey Truffo’s book, “Be a Wealthy Therapist” is probably the granddaddy of them all, but Lynn Grodzki’s “Building Your Ideal Private Practice” was great, too. Casey’s was the most practical in behavioral terms about how to handle a client’s first inquiry, and how to build a practice without relying on the (awful!!) managed care system.” Ken Howard

“This book changed how I approached business and taught me how to network, “Never Eat Alone.” Jessica Frankel

“I started with Julie Hanks’s FB group, then Lynn Grodzki’s 12 months to your ideal practice book, then Casey Truffo’s Be a Wealthy Therapist book, then found Tamara Suttle’s site, then ZynnyMe then Keri Nola. All have been helpful!” Laura Reagan

Podcasts and Blogs

This is my favorite way of accessing information. My radio has been replaced with podcasting. Blogs are short and digestible as well.

 “I’ve been in PP for 2.5 years and my practice is thriving. I really like listening to Joe Sanok’s The Practice of the Practice Podcast because he’s so down to earth and his podcast is concise. I also enjoy The Tim Ferris Show Podcast who often interviews successful entrepreneurs and learn from FB groups like this one.” Helen Caldwell

“Tamara Suttle was where I started. Her blog was so incredibly valuable for giving me specific advice and pointing me toward important resources. At first, I didn’t look for more, because I was fully tasked implementing what I found there. Focusing on one quality source of advice like that was not a bad way to get started, I think. It certainly helped me get some things done without becoming overwhelmed. And now that I have my feet under me more, I’m loving some of the other resources I’ve found since then, including and especially Zynnyme and Julie Hanks.” Peg Shippert

Personally, I listen to other podcasts on business building such as Tim Ferris or Taki Moore. There is plenty of inspiration within and outside the therapist community.

What I loved about polling people was to see the various journeys of each person. There is no one magic wand. In fact, many people shared multiple resources and advice. So I thought I would include those here.

Other Tips 

“I connect with colleagues in person and on social media (like FB!) that model for me what a successful PP looks like, and I gain valuable insights from them as well. Lastly, I did (and continue to do) my own sole searching to figure out my unique counselor’s voice and how I wanted to present to the world. “– Barbara Sheehan Zeidler

“I’ve had great mentors all along the way but I have also looked outside of the field for practice-building information and inspiration. I got started pre-internet (I know, I know – I’m OLD) when there was much less access to information and networks of therapists, too. While it’s been necessary to learn the tools of social media, the lessons I have learned earliest still hold true – just the platforms have changed. Change happens. Be willing to change or be willing to be left behind. Relationships first and relationships last. And, of course, service first; the clients will come. Social media guru, Beth Hayden taught me about social media and SEO. I will always be grateful to her for that. Copyblogger’s Jon Morrow taught me everything I know about” –Tamara Suttle

“Well, “Practice of the Practice” with Joe was one of the first sites I found by doing a Google search! That led me to Tamara Suttle and You and Miranda!” Krista Kilbane

“I wanted to go into private practice for more than 10 years. I always talked myself out of it because I didn’t quite know where to start. I graduated in 1996 before the age of technology, however, Google had become my friend over the years! On a whim one day I typed in “Starting a Private Practice” just to see if there was a book, video, to help me. And there it was a “Podcast” on “How to Grow A Business” on Practice of the Practice with Joe Sanok. I was shocked that there was so much free information on his site. Once I listened to a podcast I would click on a new link, and another, and another, etc……. Ton’s of information was amazing but it left me overwhelmed with where to start from here. Linked In, Pinterest, Blogging, Twitter, Face Book, Niche, Private Pay, Insurance, HELP! I took a deep breathe, did some research and decided that Bootcamp was the next step for me. Many offered consulting services but Bootcamp offered a community and I know I work better in a group and accountability is key for me. There are so many great and inspiring folks out there or should I say here (I feel star struck sometimes because so many of you are my cyber-idols) that I can’t wait to see what comes next!” Laura Reagan

BSB!!!! And all the phenomenal peers/colleagues (FRIENDS) I’ve made through the program. The free webinars on Zynnyme’s site felt like they were made just for me. They were simple to understand and actually prompted me to do more than just create a “to do” list. I felt confident to take courageous action for the first time since joining a practice. Then “attending” an actual bootcamp just solidified it all for me.” Robyn D’Angelo

“Julie Hanks, Zynnyme & Practice of the Practice; all offer so much free and affordable content. I had tried other business coaches but really needed to find someone who understood my practice, ethically. After a webinar on breaking up with insurance offered by Julie I joined her FB group and that led me towards meeting another local business minded therapist – she turned me onto BSB. My consult call with Miranda left me feeling inspired and ready to dive into deep work on solidifying and then growing my practice. Prior to discovering this community coaching seemed to be about expansion and growth, without figuring out how. How would this affect my current clients? What new policies may I need to incorporate? How do I get off insurance? BSB hasn’t begun for me yet and I’m already sorting through all that within the community. I can’t wait to see what comes next!” Rebecca Wong

“Honestly, the first place i started was with a supervisor from my internship who was in private practice who was willing to give advice getting started. For me, hearing about the basics of getting started from someone I knew well and respected, who also had a business model that I wanted to emulate was invaluable. She also provided a lot of encouragement that gave me the push to launch. It was that personal relationship and her willingness to let me see what had worked and what hadn’t for her that helped me get started. From there, I received a book called “Getting Started in Private Practice” that I used quite a bit at first because it is so thorough. I used it as my checklist for getting the basics together because of that thoroughness and all the worksheets included in the book. Then, as I got more into working on marketing and building the practice, I started branching out into looking for information online. I found Julie Hanks’ Toolbox first, which really connected with me as I was building a fee-for-service practice from the get-go, and many of her blog posts on Psych Central spoke to building a practice with that model. It inspired me to incorporate a blog on my website and build from there. Her blog challenge posts were really helpful as I was working on my website.” Nicole Phillips Connolly

Do you have more resources to share? Post below! 

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Resources for Building A Private Practice

Kelly Higdon, LMFT

Kelly Higdon, LMFT is a private practice expert that believes therapists are some of the most important healers in the world. She teaches therapists how to grow successful businesses from scratch and to move beyond the couch with multiple streams of income. Get to know Kelly better through her free private practice marketing trainings, the Business School Bootcamp for therapists, or through private practice consultation.


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