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Private Practice Kickstart
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6 Steps to Dreaming BIGGER for your Private Practice

Private Practice DreamsI remember when I got licensed. I passed my test, walked out of the testing center and there was no parade to greet me, no angels coming down from heaven, just me, walking back to my car with this surreal feeling of relief and a little bit of “now what?” and “is that it?” in the back of my brain.

My dream was to get license. But with that in the bag, it was time to ask what did I want for my life and my life’s work?

Just a couple weeks ago I was in Palo Alto with Miranda interviewing Irvin Yalom. I went from no vision many years ago to asking for what I wanted and amazing unexpected things have happened. Several people have emailed or commented how they wish they could or they can’t imagine they could do what they want in a big way.

That’s what sparked this article, because I believe you can and here is how.

Make time to Dream.

Vision boards, journaling, or just closing your eyes and imagining life in the next ten years, you need to set aside time and give space to your desires.

Reverie is the way we as adults can play. It is a place of where we can discover our desires and fears. In dreaming we invite reverie in to show us the possibilities. When I am present in my life and open to my desires, my actions shift my life into a different trajectory. Your dreaming directly impacts what you create in your life.

Dream the whole picture.

I don’t separate my dreams from family, work, or spirituality. This is a holistic thing to do. I don’t want to create a business that limits the dreams I have for other areas of my life, thus I look at every aspect.

Often in speaking with people, I ask about their desires. More clients, more freedom, and more money are probably in the top 3.  There has to be more to private practice, owning your business and creating your life. Really push yourself to consider more.

Dream to the point of discomfort.

See how far you can really go with your vision. Ask – can I go bigger? Am I limiting myself? When you get uncomfortable, sit there for awhile. It might be a place you need to consider as a possibility. Ask yourself, why not? Who am I to say that what I want is impossible?

Be Intentional

When you are involved in an activity with your business or your life, ask yourself if it gets you closer to the big vision. To want more clients and freedom and money might not mean creating an entire practice that is face to face work, hour per hour. It might end up needing to be more than that. But if you don’t have the vision, that’s what you will create and then you will need to undo some of it to make room for other ways of working.

Share your dreams.

Telling people what you are seeking makes you more accountable. Many of us don’t share our desires out of our fear of what we want not happening. Tell people what you are up to. The more people you trust and can share this with, the more people can support you and remind you of your vision.

Dream regularly.

Every year, I create a new vision and I pick a word that represents my desire for this time in my life. I look back and things have come to fruition in unexpected way and my dreams have exponentially expanded. Dreams will change. That is a wonderful thing.

So let’s practice. What does more money and more freedom look like to you? Can you see yourself beyond sitting in an office? With employees? With multiple locations? With a center for research or training? Speaking? Traveling? Writing? Training others? Ted Talks? At home with your family while your clinic generates income for you? Go bigger and bigger and just imagine…

What dreams do you have for your private practice and your life? Share below. 

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6 Steps to Dreaming BIGGER for your Private Practice

Kelly Higdon, LMFT

Kelly Higdon, LMFT is a private practice expert that believes therapists are some of the most important healers in the world. She teaches therapists how to grow successful businesses from scratch and to move beyond the couch with multiple streams of income. Get to know Kelly better through her free private practice marketing trainings, the Business School Bootcamp for therapists, or through private practice consultation.


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