Let me be the first to tell you , when you do everything yourself, it’s also a perfect recipe for burnout.


Here are some key people we think you should have


1. A friend who has been there – someone who knows you, who loves you and has built a business too. They get it and they understand where you are coming from. This is the person you can whine too but also get some great encouragement and feedback from.


2. A mentor/coach/consultant – this is someone who doesn’t know you so personally that they hold back in how they help in fear of losing your friendship. This is a person who has created their own business but also has some specific tools that you can use that have been proven to help many others.


3. A financial person – at the very least you need an accountant, someone who can help you navigate the waters of tax law as a business owner. Trust us, they will save you money and a big headache.


4. Software – ok ok, this isn’t a person, but from an electronic health record to easy bookkeeping, these tools will have your back and help you stay on top of the business day-to-day.


Who else do you have supporting you in practice?


Here’s the cool thing, we have an upcoming Launch Party where we are giving away the services of some of these key people! It’s amazing – from court support, documentation services, electronic health records to coaching – there is going to be a ton to give away. So check it out here!